Jiangxi Normal University Spring Outing

2019. May. 20th

The Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Jiangxi Normal University organizes this activity for foreign teachers and students to get to know Nanchang and its surroundings.


The group visited the special exhibition of “Nanchang Han Dynasty Archaeological Achievements Exhibition”. A large number of goldware, jade, lacquerware, and ceramics were shown, and the students praised the prosperity of history and culture in the Chinese Han Dynasty and the skill of craftsmanship.

The Jiangxi Provincial Museum, located at Nanchang City, is a province-level historical museum of China. It was prepared in 1953 and officially opened to the public as a topological comprehensive museum on July 1, 1961. In 1971 it became a specialized museum engaged in archeological excavation and collection and study of historic relics. The Museum has collected 34,000 items of collection. The basic exhibitions are composed of the Exhibition of Jianxi Ancient Civilization History, the Exhibition of Jiangxi Revolutionary Relics and the Exhibition of Jiangxi Ancient Ceramics. The overwhelming majority of the exhibits are the ceramics through the ages unearthed at the various places of Jiangxi, such as the ceramics with printed patterns from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties (c.2100-221BC).

In the afternoon, after the museum tour, the teachers and students came to Meiling National Scenic Area for hiking. This trail the group visited is a national hiking trail with a length of 14.1 kilometers. It is quite fun and requires teamwork, the group helped each other and completed the full course. The activity not only allows teachers and students to get to outdoors, but also help them get to know each other better, appreciate the city and the outdoors.



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