International Festival in JXNU

2018. Nov 17

On 15th November 2018 evening, the international culture festival was held inthe theater of Xian Su building.

Tian YanGuang, the secretary of the university, attended and encouraged international students to study professional knowledge, learn about Chinese tradition and culture as well as make positive contributions to promote sino-foreign exchange. More than 400 teachers and students from China and abroad attended the performance.

The cultural festival performance of the school drew the curtain with the aerobics team’s dance”vitality and youth”, the allegro “let’s hold a meeting together”, recitation of the poem”To mother”, followed by the Peking Opera “the drunken concubine”, cross talk “three springs” with other Chinese programs and dances were presented. The whole performance reflects the characteristics of “the same stage between Chinese and foreign teachers and students, and the integration of diverse cultures”. It also promotes the feeling between Chinese and foreign teachers and students.

At the same time, COLLINS-GREEN BRANDON PATRICK, a Canadian doctoral candidate in Chinese language and literature, used rice paper and ink to illustrate his understanding of traditional Chinese culture in an exhibition of his work outside the venue.

During the recent years, education has developed rapidly. 301 students from 39 countries on five continents are studying in 10 colleges of the University.