Foreign Teachers Experience Traditional Chinese Art

Updated 2021-01-18 (View on Wechat)

#CampusLife At the beginning of the new year, Vice President Mao Yinhui of the College of European Languages and Cultures of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies led foreign teachers to the Art College to learn ceramic culture, visit ceramic art works, and practice ceramic art.

In the ceramics studio, foreign teachers learned about the long history of Chinese ceramic culture under the introduction of teachers from the Art College, and got a preliminary understanding of blue and white pigments and the process of firing porcelain. They chose traditional flower patterns and carefully painted them on semi-finished plates; they were also very interested in getting hands-on practice and making pottery bowls and cups.

This event enhanced the understanding of foreign teachers and staff about Chinese culture, enriched the working life of foreign teachers, and enhanced the communication between Chinese and foreign teachers and staff.

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