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Foreign Teacher from Jimei University Won the 10th Friendship Award

2017. Oct 09

Dr. Steven Franciso Munoz, a foreign expert of Jimei University attended the awarding ceremony and received the Fujian Province’ 10th Friendship Award.


Recently, Dr. Steven Franciso Munoz, a foreign expert of Jimei University attended the awardingceremony and received the Fujian Province’ 10thFriendship Award. Li Dejin, vice-governor of Fujian Province bestowed on him the honorary certificate and medal. This is the highest award that a foreign expert from Jimei University has won.

Dr. Munoz has been working as a foreign expert in our university since 2015. He has been dedicating his expertise to enriching cross-cultural exchange experience of students, thus increasing their opportunities to join the international aspect of education. He is popular among students for creating an atmosphere of cosmopolitan culture inside and outside classes. He highlights his professional strengths to deal with the legal aspect of foreign affairsand volunteers himself to do the contact and coordination work of foreign teachers in our university.

The Friendship Award was set up in recognition for the contributions that foreign experts and/or theforeign friendshave madeto theeconomicandsocial development, and for promoting the exchange and cooperation between Fujian Province and that of other countries in the fields of economy, science and technology, and education.Theaward that Dr. Steven Francisco Munoz has won shows not only the provincial government’s full affirmation to his work, but also an affirmation and support to the work of the office of Introduction of Foreign Intellectual Resources.

In recent years, Jimei University has strengthened the management and promoted an effective employment services to foreign experts. More than 30 have been employed annually. Both the number and level of the employment come out on the front line within Fujian Province. The foreign experts in our university are dedicated to their works and have made positive contributions to teaching, scientific researchof the University.



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