Foreign Education Meeting at Zhejiang Financial College

2019. Sept . 28th

On the afternoon of September 11, the International Business School of Zhejiang Financial College held the 2019 Fall foreign education meeting. Five foreign teachers attended the meeting.


Professor Liu Yiqiang, Director of the International Exchange Department, Professor Zhang Haiyan, Vice President of the International Business School, and Zhu Huifen, Deputy Director of the Business English Teaching and Research Section attended the meeting. Five foreign teachers were also present at the meeting.

Liu Fangqiang emphasized the most important security issues, and emphasized the importances of sharing ideology differences between Chinese and Western cultures. Zhang Haiyan emphasized the matters needing attention in teaching standards and curriculum adjustment. Zhu Huifen explained and analyzed in detail the syllabus of each foreign teacher’s course, including the characteristics of students in different grades, course materials and classroom activities. The foreign teachers also filled out the questionnaire and expressed their wishes for the opening of new elective courses.

Finally, with Teacher’s Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, we sent five teachers blessings and moon cakes, hoping that their teaching in the college will be full-filled and enjoyable, and their life in China is rich and meaningful.

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Zhejiang Financial College (ZFC) was established in 1975, which was formerly the national key vocational school – Zhejiang Bank School, affiliated to the People’s Bank of China. In 2006, ZFC was identified as one of the first key constructive colleges by the Ministries of Education and Finance. In June 2017, it was honored as one of the five key provincial vocational colleges by both Department of Education and Finance of Zhejiang Province.

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