Excellent Teacher Experiment students finish 2018 summer US program

2018. Sept 14th

From July 22 to August 19, sixteen students selected from Shaanxi Normal University’s Excellent Teacher Experiment Program visited Salem State University and Boston University in the United States for a four-week Overseas Study Tour Program.


They attended lectures and audited classes in Salem State University, Boston University and local elementary and secondary school, learning U.S. educational ideas and reflecting on Sino-US cultural and educational differences.They also visited Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Freedom Trail, Salem Witch Museum and other places to learn more about U.S. culture and tradition.



English major Liu Haoyu of class 2021 said he benefited a lot from the program, from which he learned about the advancement and inclusiveness of U.S. education and had a new knowledge about teacher education. Physics major Shi Keyi of class 2020 said she was appreciative to the university for providing them this opportunity, so they could immerse in and feel the education in another country through this fruitful and meaningful program.

The first Overseas Study Tour Program took place in April 2016 and about 200 students have participated in the 16 programs in University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Arizona, Missouri State University, Salem State University in the U.S., University of Calgary in Canada, and University of Macau.

The Teaching Affairs Department, which plans and runs the program, is working with U.K. universities to send SNNU students there.

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