Dalian Jiaotong University Teachers Take Coronavirus Seriously

Updated 2020-03-24

At present, there are 9 foreign teachers at Dalian Jiaotong University, including 5 in Dalian and 4 overseas. According to the daily feedback from them, the teachers currently at the school are in good physical condition. After the virus breakout in January, the school sent medical protective gears such as masks and thermometers to foreign teachers who stayed on campus. Foreign teachers said that they will actively cooperate with the university’s regulations and avoid group gatherings to ensure safety.

O’Kell Liam Paul, an English teacher at Dalian Jiaotong University from the UK, chose to stay in Dalian and follow the school ’s epidemic prevention measures. Liam encourages students to use their vacation time to study and practice English and lay a good foundation for the Spring term in the near future.

“Since the outbreak, the university has been working hard to maintain campus security and provide all kinds of support.” Liam said, “It is always difficult to deal with emergencies, but everyone will face unexpected things in life. We have to face the epidemic and find a solution.”

Antoine Jean Mathieu Bernard, a teacher from the College of International Education, said: “Dalian has adopted timely and effective epidemic prevention measures and sent medical teams to help Wuhan. The epidemic crisis in Dalian has been properly handled.”

Source: CRI Online

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