Cultural Trip for CIPTC Foreign Teachers 2019

Updated 2019-02-13 (full article)

To share profound Chinese culture and enhance foreign teachers’ interest and understanding of Chinese culture, CIPTC organizes a variety of cultural activities during the winter holiday every year. The 2019 cultural trip for CIPTC foreign teachers has drawn to a successful close recently. During this trip, CIPTC foreign teachers visited Elephant Trunk Hill Park and Yijiangyuan Scenic Spot in Guilin City, Lijiang River and Silver Cave in Yangshuo City, and Huangyao Ancient Town, among other activities.

CIPTC foreign teachers enjoy the beautiful scenery in Elephant Trunk Hill Park

Elephant Trunk Hill, the iconic Guilin landscape, was the first stop of this activity to experience Chinese culture. It is thus named because it looks like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk in the Lijiang River. Without taking a photo in front of Elephant Trunk Hill, it can’t be said you’ve been to Guilin.

Our teachers take a group photo in front of the Camel Hill

Even the beautiful night scene can’t compare to the beautiful smiles on our teachers’ faces

Yijiangyuan Scenic Spot, a traditional village with Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and other minority residences, is famous for its unique folk customs. CIPTC teachers wore the ethnic minority costumes and jewelry, and joined the dancing to feel the charm of Chinese culture.

A boat trip to Yijiangyuan Scenic Spot

Our teachers wear the ethnic minority jewelry to feel the charm of Chinese culture

CIPTC teachers join to the dance performance

Next, CIPTC headed to Yangshuo City to appreciate the picturesque landscape of Xingping, which has attracted so many intellectuals of all ages and backgrounds. CIPTC teachers were all deeply impressed by the majestic Chinese landscape.

Our teacher interacts with a Phalacrocorax carbo above the river

Our teachers seek the special scenery on 20 RMB note

CIPTC teachers take a group photo nearby the Lijiang Rive

Known as the most beautiful cave in Guilin, Silver Cave is a typical karst topography. The cave contains numerous diamond-like and silver-like stalactites. CIPTC teachers were enchanted by the natural scenery of the cave.

Huangyao Ancient Town, which can date back to the Song dynasty, has nearly 1000 years of history. There are dozens of temples and pavilions, most of which are Ming and Qing dynasty buildings. CIPTC teachers enjoyed exploring the extensive ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and could feel the rich cultural flavor.

A group photo before the journey to the Huangyao Ancient

CIPTC teachers listen carefully to the story of the ancient town

The CIPTC cultural visit of 2019 came to a successful close. Our foreign teachers not only had the chance to experience unique Chinese culture, but also had the chance, as teachers coming from all over the world, to bond with each other and feel the warmth and joy of the CIPTC family. CIPTC will continue to carry forward this spirit to lead the process of internationalization of education and make greater contribution to Shenzhen’s education.

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen. Check out full article here.

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