Weekly Updates: Chinese Cultural Tour for Foreign Teachers at WKU

Updated 2020-11-15 (View on Wechat)

Wenzhou-Kean University


On November 1, Wenzhou-Kean University organized more than 40 foreign teachers and their families to visit Wenzhou City and Nantang town to experience the traditional customs of Wenzhou, and feel the charm of Chinese culture.

Professor Agnes Tang, who just came to Wenzhou-Kean University to teach this year, said: “I like traditional Chinese architecture very much and the antique atmosphere. You can find a shopping mall anywhere, but you can’t find this anywhere. I like to feel Chinese traditional culture, and Gongyuan Road and Wuma Street are the collision of classical style and modern business. This is a great event.”

Vice President Xu Shuli of Wenzhou-Kean University hope that foreign faculty and staff can take a look around Wenzhou, experience Wenzhou’s various cultures, understand and integrate into Wenzhou local life.

Professor Toby Michelena said that he has visited Nantang many times, and every time he goes there brings new surprises, and he is attracted by the night view of Nantang. During the tour, Professor Toby Michelena kept holding a camera to take pictures, recording every scene he liked.


Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College


Last week on October 28th, the English Club of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College held a Halloween English Corner event. This is the first English corner event this semester. Foreign teacher Lily and the English Department instructors are invited to participate. The event attracted students from different departments of the college.

Lily explained to the students the origin of Halloween customs. The students actively asked questions about this festival. This semester, the English Club will hold a series of activities on foreign cultural themes, leading our students to have a deeper understanding of Western culture. We encourage students to find the differences between Chinese and Western cultures from a broader perspective.


Shaoxing University


Cran, English teacher from College of Foreign Languages of Shaoxing University, welcomes the visit of teachers and students from Shaoxing Jidong Primary School.

Vice-president Wu Hong of the College of Foreign Languages introduced the college’s majors, faculty, school running stats and the enrollment of English (teacher) majors in recent years. Cran introduced the cross-cultural teaching methods to the students of Jidong Primary School. He answered questions from teachers and students one by one, and provided many valuable suggestions for students on learning new languages.


Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics


In order to enhance students’ interest in Japanese learning, improve students’ oral skills, and promote students’ understanding of Japanese culture, the Japanese Department of the School of Foreign Languages of our school offers weekly Japanese Corner for undergraduates majoring in Japanese. Since its inception, the activity has been widely praised by students.

At 5 o’clock in the evening on November 6, the first Japanese corner of the semester was held in front of the Yinglu Building. The topic was Self-introduction at the first meet-up. Teacher Tao Ping, foreign Japanese teachers Suzuki and Yagi as well as many Japanese majors participated in the event.

At the beginning of the event, the host introduced the Japanese song “Future”. The students quickly learned the lyrics and the tones.

After the song, the students introduced themselves in Japanese. In a vivid way different from that in the classroom, this activity brought students an opportunity to improve their oral communication skills and experience Japanese culture. While inspiring students’ enthusiasm for learning, it also built a platform for students to show themselves in front of their teachers.


Yunnan University of Finance and Economics


With the help of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Rouhieh, a Canadian teacher at the International Business School, recently returned to the school from Canada. On the morning of November 9, the school held a “Welcome to Foreign Teacher Rouhieh Home” ceremony. Dean Wang Rongdang also joined the event.

All the students in the 2020-3 Accounting major holding the “Welcome Home” banner to welcome foreign teacher Rouhieh back to school.

On behalf of the college, Wang Rongdang extended a warm welcome to Rouhieh’s return to school. He pointed out that the epidemic is still in effect, Rouhieh chose to return to school from Canada after many difficulties. This spirit is admirable. At the same time, he hopes that students will cherish the college’s international high-quality educational resources and strive to improve themselves.

Rouhieh said that after returning to China, the University of Finance and Economics, and the big family of International Business School, she once again felt the warmth of “going home”. She hopes to resume work as soon as possible and contribute to the school and the university.

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