Weekly Updates: Chinese Class for Foreign Teachers Reopened at NKU

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Nankai University


Chinese class for foreign teachers reopened at Nankai University

On the afternoon of November 12, with the joint efforts of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Teacher Development Center, the Chinese classes for foreign teachers reopened. This semester, many new foreign teachers and new post-doctoral fellows joined the course.

The teacher of the course is Dou Xue from the Institute of Chinese Language and Culture. She made a detailed plan for the course. In the first class, Dou Xue led foreign teachers to review Chinese characters. She introduced interesting and practical Chinese knowledge such as the way to distinguish “穿” and “戴”.

The Chinese class for foreign teachers this semester will be held every Thursday afternoon, and the class will end around mid-January 2021.

Sichuan University of Arts and Science


Foreign staff teaching and research meeting at Sichuan University of Arts and Science

On the afternoon of November 13, the School of Foreign Languages of SUAS held a foreign teacher teaching and research meeting in Room 304. Dean Li Xuemei, Vice Dean Liu Yanshi, foreign teachers LJ and Kelly, and Chinese teaching assistant Tan Xing attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Dean Li learned about the work and life of both foreign teachers. She listened to the briefings on their work and life, and hoped that the Chinese and foreign teachers will carry out various forms of activities in teaching. She wished the foreign teachers a happy working life at our school.

Deputy Dean Liu Yanshi gave detailed explanations to foreign teachers in terms of teaching operation, teaching management, teaching plans and progress. She listened carefully to the feedback of teachers’ recent teaching situation.

Carrying out teaching and research meeting for foreign teachers is a routine work in our school. The meeting strengthened the work exchange between foreign staff and the college. It clarifies the teaching goals, and is an important measure of the school’s teaching quality assurance.


Suzhou University of Science and Technology


English as Second Class at Suzhou University of Science and Technology

On the afternoon of November 13, the 5th English as Second Class Event was successfully held in the Jingshu Academy lecture hall of Suzhou University of Science and Technology. More than 100 teachers and students attended the event.

At the opening ceremony, counselor Liu Zixuan reviewed previous events; counselor Fang Zhida combined his own work experience to encourage students to continuously enrich their professional English knowledge and enhance their own competitiveness in English; foreign teacher Nicholas Vetri was hired as tutor of the 5th English as second classroom.

Wu Huifang told students in English that they should not only have a solid knowledge base, but also have a broad international perspective, strong language communication skills, and cross-cultural communication skills, and sincerely hope that everyone can improve their English ability through exercises.

English as second classroom activities are a useful supplement to classroom English teaching. The activities are diverse in form and rich in content. They have played a powerful role in creating a strong campus English learning atmosphere, inspiring students’ enthusiasm in English learning, and improving English learning ability.


Qingdao Technical College


Cross-Cultural Communication Seminar at Qingdao Technical College

At the invitation of the School of Business, American teacher Angel held a seminar on “Cross-Cultural Communication”. Teachers from the Business Department participated in the seminar.

In the seminar, Angel introduced the “What is Cross-Cultural Communication” and “The Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication in Contemporary Society” based on case studies. Angel and teachers discussed the different performances of Chinese and foreign students in the classroom.

Through this seminar, teachers have a deeper understanding of the connotation and content of cross-cultural communication, which will help the department to further utilize foreign high-quality resources and build international courses and curriculum.


Wuhan University

WHU and UoD have online board meeting on double degree program in architectural studies collaboration program

On the afternoon of November 10th, Wuhan University (WHU) and University of Dundee (UoD) held an online conference to discuss the collaborative double degree program in architectural studies. The delegates had an in-depth exchange of views on WHU-Dundee architecture cooperative education program with WHU counterparts. Vice President of WHU, Li Fei, attended and addressed the meeting. Relevant officials from the School of Urban Design, Undergraduate College, the Office of Finance and the Office of International Affairs also took part in the meeting.

Vice President Li Fei (third from left) and other officials from WHU

In his remarks, Li Fei introduced the measures WHU had taken to fight against the epidemic and to build the online and offline teaching platform since the outbreak of COVID-19. He appreciated UoD for its efforts to protect the health and safety of exchange students of WHU there in the epidemic situation. Li Fei also pointed out that the program had lasted for 7 years. He said although this year’s epidemic had put a great impact on its teaching and personnel mobility, WHU is willing to work with UoD to overcome difficulties, and to do the best to assist students in completing studies. Li also expressed his wish to see the delegations on the sunny campus of WHU or Dundee.

Online conference screen shot

Vice-Principal Wendy Alexander from UoD expressed her full confidence in the collaboration with WHU and emphasized on making efforts to increase enrollment in the future. She mentioned that in recent years, the project had made considerable progress in terms of curriculum, students’ experience, and where students go further their studies or work after graduation.

Later at the board meeting, participants from the two universities negotiated on issues of the double degree program for marketing and recruitment strategy, tuition and scholarship, Dundee’s recoverable cost, tax and so on.,The two universities also agreed on having another meeting in the late November to further discuss details.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the workshop program planned for the summer vacation of 2020 could not be carried out. However, professors and students of both sides have developed many online conversations and seminars, hoping to hold an online exchange workshop in the summer of 2021. After the epidemic, the two sides will continue to promote students’ visits and exchanges.

It is reported that WHU and Dundee University started to jointly organize the architectural studies collaboration program in 2013, which was the first and only undergraduate project in WHU. Since 2009, WHU has been cooperating with UoD in the fields of physics, civil engineering, architecture, mathematics and public health.

Photo by Guan Beina
Edited by Yu Jianan, Wei Yena, Qin Shihan and Hu Sijia

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