Chang’an University International Culture Festival

2018. Nov. 5th

On October 29, the 3rd International Cultural Festival of Chang’an University was held at Shuhuiyuan Square, Shushui Campus, Chang’an University.


The theme of this year’s International Cultural Festival is “Gather in the Heart of Silk Road—Chang’an”. Participants include thousands of Chinese and foreign teachers and students from 84 countries.

Deputy Director Guo Hongyi of the International Department of Education of Shaanxi Province pointed out in his speech that the International Cultural Festival is a demonstration of the Chang’an University’s increasing international exposure. In his speech, he encouraged Chinese and foreign students to communicate and learn from each other.

The Counselor of the Senegalese Embassy in China, Papa Samba Sek, delivered a speech on behalf of the government and sent a blessing to the teachers and students in the opening ceremony. He encouraged all the students present in China to work hard to learn all kinds of knowledge, to abide by the laws and regulations, to achieve success, and to return to the motherland.

Since its establishment in 2014, Chang’an University International Cultural Festival has been a popular activity. It is a display of international exchanges and cooperation. This cultural festival is composed of a series of activities, including national cultural performances, international style exhibitions, international food exhibitions, and Chinese characters writing competitions.

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