Celebrating Christmas at Wannan Medical College

2010. Dec 28th

December 25th marks Christmas in the West. Stanley is a foreign teacher in our school from the US. Although there is no family gathering, there are blessings, greetings and family-like warmth. On Christmas Eve on December 24th, the staff from the Foreign Affairs Office and the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department gathered together to celebrate Christmas Eve with with Stanley.

The teachers have sent greetings and prepared Christmas gifts for him. The foreign teacher put on a festive Christmas hat and tell everyone about the customs of Christmas, how he spent his holiday in his hometown.

Beautiful Christmas hats, warm smiles, and harmonious conversations, the teachers of our school gave a sincere holiday blessing to the foreign teachers. The foreign teacher said that he had spent a very happy Christmas at the school and want to send his best wishes to all the teachers and his students the best wishes – “Merry Christmas!”



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