Foreign Teachers Weekly: Celebrate 55th Anniversary of GDUFS

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Foreign teachers celebrate 55th anniversary of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, alumni and teachers from home and abroad congratulated the school for its 55th anniversary through videos, letters and other methods. We also received the support from our foreign teachers. Recently, foreign teachers Richard Johnson, Albert Edward Wolfe, Simon Eric Haywood, Campion James Alexander, Vit Zednik, Vivek Mani Tripathi, Maria Magdalena Sastre Torrens, Suwasin Kasempiti, Nemanja Glintic sent their wishes for the 55th anniversary of GDUFS.

Richard Johnson, a foreign teacher who has worked at the School of English Language and Culture for 23 years, sent a congratulatory letter to and expressed his hope to come back to GDUFS soon.

“It is an honor to witness the continuous and rapid internationalization of GDUFS and its growth into an international institution.” Campion James Alexander, a foreign teacher at the School of English Language and Culture, said in the congratulatory letter. He also expressed his gratitude to the school for giving him the opportunity to work in China and for providing him with a platform in the education field.

Simon Eric Haywood, a foreign teacher at the School of English Education, also expressed his congratulations and eagerness of returning to school as soon as possible through video. Vit Zednik, a Czech teacher, also used an Chinese blessing “大吉大利”. Thai foreign teacher Suwasin Kasempiti, Serbian foreign teacher Nemanja Glintic, Hindi foreign teacher Vivek Mani Tripathi, Spanish teacher Maria Torrance and other foreign teachers also expressed their congratulations on the 55th Anniversary.

Since the establishment of GDUFS 55 years ago, foreign teachers have been contributing to the cultivation of high-quality talents for our school. Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, 86 foreign teachers working at our school have overcome many difficulties and actively cooperated with the university to carry out online teaching, making the teaching plan uninterrupted. Among them, 20 have won the honorary title of Excellent Foreign Teachers of 2020.


Annual Foreign Staff Meet-up Held at Hubei University of Technology

On the evening of December 10th, the 2020 annual meeting of foreign teachers working at HBUT was held.

At the meeting, Long Yan, Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, delivered a theme report of “Reviewing 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021”, sharing the landmark achievements of the school’s international development in 2020, and reviewed the school’s support for foreign teachers and international students during the epidemic. The experience of fighting the epidemic, the situation of foreign teachers at home and abroad overcoming difficulties in online teaching, and looking forward to the main work concept of the school’s international development in 2021. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to all foreign experts, foreign teachers and all employees working on the foreign affairs front for their contributions to the international development of the school in the past difficult year.

The meeting commended three outstanding foreign teachers with outstanding performance. Assistant to the principal Yan Liezhou presented the “Lifelong Teaching Achievement Award” to the foreign teacher of Hubei University of Technology to the American foreign teacher Diane Berthelot. Diane Berthelot has been teaching in our school for 9 years and has pioneered the use of fun English reading teaching methods, benefiting thousands of teachers and students. Diane Berthelot has organized Halloween parties in our school for five consecutive years. The cumulative number of participants has reached more than 2,000, making outstanding contributions to enriching the campus culture. Dean of the International School, Ye Chao, became the international student administrator Pierre Ndjike and awarded the honorary certificate of “Anti-epidemic Model”. After the outbreak, Pierre Ndjike stayed at the front line of the anti-epidemic work position. He was responsible for the disinfection of 7 international student apartments and other affairs within his capacity, and made outstanding contributions to the anti-epidemic work managed by international students. Long Yan presented the 2020 “Special Contribution Award” to American foreign teacher Edmund Mathews. Edmund Mathews once led a student team to draw a 3D campus map for our school, which was widely used by school officials, teachers and students; he also drew a 3D map of global partners for the conference room on the fourth floor of the school administration building. During the epidemic, he stayed at school for online teaching and meticulously tutored students in the Sino-US cooperation project, which was widely praised by students.

Foreign teachers who were unable to return to school due to the epidemic also sent their thoughts on 2020 and New Year’s wishes for 2021. Many foreign teachers expressed that they missed the teachers and students of Hubei University of Technology very much and hoped to return as soon as possible.


Foreign teacher of JISU won the “Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Friendship Award”

On December 16, German teacher Anna Maria-Linhard of Jilin International Studies University won the “Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Friendship Award” after evaluation by the Jilin Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau. This is the highest award for foreign experts in Jilin Province, and it is the second time that foreign experts from our school have won this honor since 2017.

Anna came to work in the German Department of our school in 2018. Using language as a medium, she worked to promote the development of the German major and used practical actions to build a bridge between Chinese and German cultural communication and educational exchanges. During the epidemic, Anna has always been concerned about the development of students and the school, overcoming difficulties and teaching online to ensure the level and quality of teaching. Her class was well received by the students.

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