Refer A Friend

Refer a friend to join ISAC Teach in China Program and get an incentive for each successful placement.
$60 if you are an non-ISAC teacher and get $100 if you are an ISAC Teacher)

Who is eligible?

1. This reward applies to everyone including non-ISAC teachers
2. ISAC teacher gets a higher reward ($100 for each placement)
3. Your friend must be eligible for a Chinese work visa application
4. Your friend must be able to commit a 10~12 months contract

How it works?

1. Tell your friend about ISAC Teach in China Program
2. Ask him/her to submit ISAC application
3. Let us know you refered him/her during the interview
4. ISAC will give out the reward after he/she arrives in China

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Baojing (Summer) Xia
LinkedIn: Junhui Long
Wechat ID: ricerner

Get Your Reward Now!

We provide this “Referral Reward” to encourage
teachers to introduce their friends to join ISAC Program.

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