Hangzhou Yuhang International Talent Hub Welcomes Talented Foreigners

Updated 2020-07-21

Yuhang International Talent Hub of Hangzhou City was officially opened in Linping Central Area Zone on July 15.

The hub is located in Block C, chamber of Commerce building in Linping. With a total area of 8,600 square meters, it is divided into four functional areas, namely, the “for one thing” special window service area, the specialized agency service area, the international project operation area, and the public supporting service area.

On the first floor, there are consulting desk, office hall, exhibition hall, book café, and other areas that provide a one-stop service with digital and intelligent technology. The second and third floors offer an optimal environment for enterprises and talents with various public and professional intermediary services. The fourth floor is equipped with a conference room, activity room, reception area, and performance area, which can meet the demand of operating big meetings with a maximum of 300 participants, providing functional services like reception, activities, roadshows, and meetings.

Besides, the “for one thing” special window of talent innovation and entrepreneurship was officially opened on the same day.

“Combining the online and offline platforms, the special window mainly focuses on five major aspects through the mode of “special window + special staff+ special network”, including high-level talent at home and abroad identification service, foreign talent service, talent entrepreneurship service, talent employment service, and talent life service.” According to a person in charge of the Organization Department of Yuhang District government, the “personalized” one-to-one services for high-level talents are available in the hub.

Adhering to the goal of building an international high-end “talent zone” in the Yangtze River Delta, Yuhang District, in the recent years, has brought in 5,405 overseas high-level talents, including 158 at the national level and 238 at the provincial level.

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(Source: ZJOL)

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