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We Are Foreign Teachers in Hangzhou Public Schools!

2018. Oct. 26th


It has been a month since the new semester began. And having worked in their new schools for a month, our foreign teachers have something to say about their experience. Let’s meet them and hear what they say.

Daniel, Jianqiao Experimental Middle School

My name is Daniel and I am a Brit living in Hangzhou and working as a middle school teacher at Jianqiao Experimental Middle school and it’s a blast! Life in Hangzhou can be simultaneously peaceful and exciting (depending on where you go) and working with Jianqiao Middle school is marvelous. I teach drama here and every class has at least five potential future Oscar winners. The school seems extremely well ran and the staff and students are always friendly and happy, maybe they put something in the soup.

Jamie, Dongcheng Education Group of Hangzhou Normal University

My name is Jamie Cohen; I am from Quebec, Canada. Working for the Dongcheng Education group has been an incredible experience. Moving across the world is never easy, but everyone involved at the Dongcheng middle school has made this transition as comfortable as possible for me, which I really appreciate. This is my fourth semester working here in Hangzhou. I have worked with so many students in the last two years,  that are eager to learn. It has been a very happy partnership, which is why I keep coming back.

Joel, Dinglan Experimental Middle School

Working at Dinglan Experimental Middle School has been a great experience for me. Going to a new country where you don’t speak the native language can be a little scary, but the staff and students at the school have made it easy for me to adjust. Everyone is very friendly, and the students are always excited and curious about meeting a teacher from a different country. The teachers have helped make me feel at home, inviting me to play sports and eat meals with them, and I have become very good at using chopsticks!

David, Hangzhou Caihe No.2 Primary School

This is now my fourth year in China and it’s been an extremely positive and unforgettable experience. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in both Caihe and Jinghe schools. The students have been wonderful to me and treat me like a big brother. I’ve found it very enjoyable to have taught so many different classes over the last few years.

Clarissa, Hangzhou Caihe No.3 Primary School

My name is Clarissa, born and raised in an urban city in the U.S. Living in a city like Hangzhou is very different and quite unexpected. Working as an ESL teacher can have its challenges, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it or to realize that teaching can be quite fun for you and the students.

Ben, Hangzhou Nanxiaobu Primary School

I am quite new to the city and my school. I’ve been enjoying it so far. My coworkers are very friendly. Even the ones I can’t speak with go out of their way to express welcome. The students are likewise very nice, going out of their way to say hello in the halls. It’s been a very nice place to work.

Russell, Dongcheng Education Group of Hangzhou Normal University

Coming to China was a courageous choice for me and my son, Matayo. I had never lived outside of The Bahamas before now. When we arrived, we were welcomed warmly and treated very nicely. At first, we were nervous, but the teachers and principals at Dongcheng Primary School made Hangzhou feel like a second home for us. We love the Chinese culture. 

Jason, Qianjiang Foreign Language Experimental School

My name is Jason Henry, I’m from Chicago, USA. I teach English at Hangzhou Qianjiang Foreign Language Experimental School. People ask me, “Why do you teach?” I reply, “I teach because I like watching the sun rise.” A life may be thought of as a full 24 hours. When I’m 36, it will be about noon. When I’m 54 it will 18:00, and at 72, midnight. I like teaching because I get to watch the sun rise in the lives of hundreds of smiling faces.

Haledane, Sijiqing Middle School

My first week in Sijiqing Middle School has been enjoyable and has left me full of optimism. My colleagues have been very friendly and have helped me to settle into the school quickly, particularly Mr Cai who is always willing to answer my questions and queries. Overall, the students seem to have a lot of interest in myself and the English classes.

Maryam, Hangzhou Pengbo Primary School

The first week of teaching at Pengbo Primary School has been wonderful. The headteacher and my colleagues have been so welcoming upon my arrival at the school – I feel very happy to be working with such good people. The students are very friendly and kind to their foreign teacher with lots of questions!

(Photo Credit: Hangzhou Education Bureau)