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Suzhou Foreign Teachers English Course Delivery Program(2018-2019) Officially Launched

2018. Sept 13

In order to promote the reform of English teaching and promote the practice of bilingual teaching, Suzhou has creatively launched a foreign-educated classroom program that the government has paid for since 2006. It has hired foreign teachers to teach English in the schools, and organized a special reading book for the program MY TOPICS which is provided free of charge. All project students highlight the government’s efforts to provide quality public services. In the past 13 years, the scope and influence of program has been continuously expanded. At present, the number of students benefiting from the schools has reached more than 13,000.

In order to actively respond to the One Belt and One Road Initiative and put the citizen-benefiting program into practice, the program get into Taicang schools for the first time. Include 2 middle schools and 4 primary schools.


Orientation meeting in Suzhou Education Bureau


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Orientation week training included topics of moral training, local acts, laws related to education and schools, foreign experts acts, office hours etc.

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Demo practise in Suzhou International Foundation School


“This is my second year to teach in Suzhou .The Education bureau was a great help in enabling me to come to China to teach, they made the process easy and understandable. They helped me settle very quickly into Suzhou and supported me throughout my time teaching here. Suzhou is an excellent city to live it’s a very large city. There are plenty of events and places to visit within the city, it is an incredibly lively and vibrant location to live. Teaching here is a lot of fun, the kids are enthusiastic and keen to learn. Teaching in Suzhou is a fantastic experience and something I would recommend anyone try.”

—–By Alexander Wilkin from last term