Ningxia Medical University hold the 2020 Foreign Teacher Training Seminar

Updated 2020-09-29

At the beginning of the new semester, in order to make the newly introduced foreign teachers adapt to the school’s teaching life more quickly, on the afternoon of September 18, the Foreign Language Teaching Department organized a 2020 Foreign Teacher Training Seminar. The Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Department Hao Xiangli presided over the meeting.

The vice principal of the school Hao Yinju attended the meeting and gave a speech. She pointed out that the school attaches great importance to the internationalization of education and actively introduces high-quality teacher resources. She warmly welcomes the two foreign teachers to join the Ningxia Medical University teaching team and hopes that the two foreign teachers will work and stay here happy.

Li Ying, secretary of the Party branch of the Foreign Language Teaching Department, briefly introduced the school and the basic situation of the teaching department. It is hoped that foreign teachers will become familiar with the surrounding environment as soon as possible, understand Chinese culture, Ningxia customs and school system, and integrate into the Ningxia medical family as soon as possible and carry out their work effectively.

According to the training arrangement, Su Ming, deputy director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, gave a detailed interpretation of the national laws and regulations and school-level rules and regulations that foreign teachers must abide by; Li Xingyun, deputy director of the Security Office, talked about personal safety and fire prevention and theft in daily life The precautions were explained; Wang Junling, the deputy director of the teaching department, and Zhang Xue, the assistant manager of foreign teachers, explained the precautions from the details of comprehensive management and life services.

The training focused on the interpretation of relevant management systems for teaching work. Wang Junli, director of the undergraduate teaching and research section, made clear requirements for foreign teachers in formulating teaching plans, writing teaching plans, and preparing lessons in accordance with the requirements of the school’s teaching work; Ma Limei, the head of the teaching and research section of the postgraduate teaching and research section, made clear requirements for the content of the 2020-2021 fall semester The specific arrangement of the form was explained in detail to the two foreign teachers.

During the training, the two foreign teachers had a cordial exchange with the teachers on the doubts in work and life.

On behalf of the Teaching Department, Hao Xiangli said that he will create a good working environment to allow foreign teachers to work happily. At the same time, he hopes that the two foreign teachers can abide by the school rules and regulations, carry out teaching work in strict accordance with the teaching plan of the teaching department, and strengthen the cooperation with the teachers of the teaching department. Communicate and work together to contribute to the improvement of teaching quality.








(Credit: Ningxia Medical University)

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