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Hua’ao Cup English Speech Contest in AHU

2018. Nov. 9

The Hua’ao Cup (Photo Credit: the International Department of Anhui University)

At 2:30 pm on November 9th, 2018, the “Hua’ao Cup” English Speech Contest was successfully held in the conference room C310 of the Anhui University Campus, Renmin Building, Anhui University. Director of the Oceania Research Center Zhan Chunjuan, foreign teachers William Tucker Rose and Dani Francuz Rose. Mrs. Zhu Yunqi, Song Yurong, and Zhang Yuhong were the judges of this competition.

The competition is divided into three parts. The first round was a three-minute titled speech entitled “Australia in My Eyes”. Twenty students from various colleges interpret Australia in their eyes from different perspectives such as Australian landscapes, animals, multiculturalism, education and customs. The second round was an impromptu speech, and each student gave a three-minute speech based on the topic they had drawn. This one is quite challenging for the students, which examines the students’ language expression, speculation and ability to respond on the spot. After that, Dani Fraucuz Rose summarized and commented on the performance of each student.

Subsequently, Dean Zhan Quanwang, Director Zhan Chunjuan, Miss Zhu Yunqi, Miss Zhang Yuhong, Miss Song Yurong, Williams and Dani, the foreign teachers, presented certificates and gifts to the students and took a group photo.

Shen Huiling won the first prize, she will representing Anhui University and contest in the National University China-Australia Friendship English Contest final on December 15th at Shanghai University. We wish her the best of luck in the final.


The Judge Team (Photo Credit: the International Department of Anhui University)

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