Accommodation and Catering


ISAC provide teacher and volunteer free private accommodation and meals during the orientation from Aug.22nd-24th. (Please note that only the nights of Aug 22nd and Aug 23th are included). If you plan to stay longer please contact ISAC office for accomodation extension. A fee of $50 USD per night applies. The YuanZheng Shennong hotel is located right inside the Huajiachi campus.


No.266, Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou (to the southwest of Huajiachi Campus, ZJU)



Brief introduction:

Lying beside Huajia Pond, “the small West Lake”, Yuanzheng Shennong Hotel enjoys picturesque and inviting views. Summer brings jade green to the long corridors, while winter paints silver to the trees and the pond, but above all, it can’t be more relaxing to be here in spring or fall. The hotel is warm and elegant, with various types of guest rooms, including lake-view room. Colored paintings of peony, magnolia denudate and cirrus further endow the quiet and tastefully laid out hotel with learned and refined Chinese flavor. We own 97 guest rooms of various standards, 2 assembly rooms, over 300 dining seats, and a relaxing fishing paradise.



3 kilometers from Hangzhou Railway Station
5 kilometers from the West Lake
7 kilometers from Wushan Square
12 kilometers from Jiubao passenger transport station
25 kilometers from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport