Aoxin International School, Jinshui, Zhengzhou


The global interactions are increasing dramatically nowadays. In order to cultivate students to have global views and perspectives and have the opportunity to explore different cultures and languages, the Bureau of Education, Jinshui, Zhengzhou, Henan province has set up the ‘Bilingual Experimental Class’ project in 19 schools since 2010.

In order to strengthen and standardize the administration of the project, Aoxin International School, Jinshui, Zhengzhou was established by the Bureau of Education, Jinshui, Zhengzhou, Henan Province to take the overall responsibility for the management and operation of the whole project.

Project Mission

This project upholds the motto of “To provide services for Chinese students rooted in Chinese traditional culture”. Relying on the public schools, this project creatively and perfectly integrates the traditional Chinese education system and the advanced international teaching beliefs, and explores a scientific bilingual teaching model for Chinese primary school students. This project also provides a long-term, sustainable and effective platform for Chinese schools and students to interact with English speakers at an international level.The project aims to cultivate our students to have a good knowledge of Chinese culture and equip with the language competencies to access international cultures and develop a global outlook, giving them a competitive edge to thrive in the globalized world.


About the City

Zhengzhou is a Chinese city and the provincial capital of Henan Province in east-central China. As a prefecture-level city, it also serves as the political, economic, technological, and educational centre of the province, as well as a major transportation hub for Central China. It has a population of 9 million inhabitants with an urban population of 6 million, the city is one of the main built up areas of Henan region. Zhengzhou is now a rapidly growing city. Greater Zhengzhou was named as one of the 13 emerging megacities or megalopolises in China in a July 2012 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The famous Shaolin Temple near this city is the cradle of the Chinese martial arts that provided the inspiration for Kung Fu movies. Zhengzhou is a vital transportation hub especially for railways as many important railway trunks pass the city such as the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou to Lianyungang) and Jingguang Railway (Beijing to Guangzhou).

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