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Based on Wenzhou No. 4 Middle School, Wenzhou Foreign Language School (website : http://www.wzfls.net/) was established in 1995 as the only secondary school, specializing in foreign language teaching within the Wenzhou area. Enlisted as “Ten Top Schools Embracing The 21st Century Education”, “ Educational and Cultural Undertakings of Wenzhou”, “Exemplary School of Compulsory Education”, “China/WHO Health Promotional School”, “Excellent Base for Mathematicians’ Cradle Project”; granted as“Foreign Language Experimental School” by National Basic Foreign Language Teaching Research Center, our school has received various awards and titles during its development course.

Under the guidance of Wenzhou Education Bureau, the school has practically established a distinctive schooling system and effective operation mechanism, both of which adapt to the development of the school and ever-changing educational demand in Wenzhou. The school adheres to the philosophy of “focus on foreign languages, attention to students’ all-around development, ability to understand the essence of Chinese culture but also ability to communicate with the world (dedicated focus on foreign languages, enormous attention to students’ all-around development, equal emphasis on arts and science, and careful cultivation of global vision)”. It also believes in the tenet of “cultivation of virtue, accumulation of knowledge, pursuit of truth, emancipation of perfection”. Our school attaches great importance to school’s curriculum development and educational research, teachers’ in-service training, student’s personal growth and advancement of teaching facilities.    

In 2002, among all the public primary and middle schools in Wenzhou, our school becomes one of the first schools that are qualified for recruiting foreign teachers. Moreover, we have carried out various exchange programs with schools from USA, UK, Australia and Singapore; our school has established relationship with Viewpoint School in USA, Forest Hill School in Australia and Kean University in USA successively, carried out various forms of students’ exchange  programs and teaching cooperation projects, and has succeeded in organizing hundreds of outstanding students to participate in exchange programs in foreign countries such as UK and Australia.

Currently the school has 182 teaching staff on regular payroll, including one foreign teacher, two professor-level teachers. Sixty-seven teachers have acquired senior professional titles (30%), fifty medium-ranked titles (45%),   awarded various titles and honors, such as National Excellent Teacher, Provincial Model Teacher, Provincial New star Teacher in Zhejiang, Educational Elite of the City, Famous Teacher of the City, and Excellent Head Teacher of the City. The school attaches high importance to educational research and wins provincial or city-level research subject awards every year. It has also successfully been tasked to conduct national wide subject research projects and achieved a number of high-quality research achievements. Among those teachers, 6% have won national educational research awards, 14.4% have won provincial ones, and 60.2% have won city-level ones. Each year, a number of teachers are sent to universities for further studies, and 24 teachers have studied abroad. Our faculty body is complete in structure, solid in strength and owns advanced educational concepts and domestically advanced educational concepts and teaching means.




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About the City

Wenzhou is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang Province, east of the East China Sea, adjacent to Fujian in the south, Lishui City in the west, and Taizhou City in the north. Wenzhou has a long history and rich cultural heritage.

The culture of Fujian and Minnan, mountains and rivers and ethnic groups have a long history such as folk music, folk dance, opera, plastic arts, folk art, folk crafts, folk customs, etc. It has profound foundation, unique value, and rich intangible cultural heritage resources. Wenzhou is a national historical and cultural city, known as the “southern mountains and rivers famous around the world” reputation. It is a pioneering area for the development of China’s private economy and a frontier for reform and opening up. In the early years of reform and opening up, it was known throughout the country as “Wuchuan in the south and Wenzhou in the north”. Wenzhou is the cradle of Chinese mathematicians, the hometown of Chinese Nan Opera, and the home of Chinese seafood and eggs.


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