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Introduction to Meixihu High School
The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University Meixihu High School (website: is a public high school sponsored by the Changsha Municipal Education Bureau and fully managed by the Hunan Normal University. The school is located in the core area of Meixi Lake International New City in Xiangjiang New District, Changsha, with Taohualing in the south and Meixi Lake in the north. The geographical position is superior and the environment is elegant. The school is invested by Fangxing Real Estate with an investment of nearly 600 million yuan. It covers an area of nearly 110 mu and has a construction area of 52,000 square meters. The school scale is for 68 classes.
The campus is scientific in planning, with reasonable layout, complete functions and first-class facilities. Indoor constant temperature swimming pool, multi-functional sports hall, 400m all-plastic track and field, digital laboratory, multimedia classroom, recording and broadcasting room, regular laboratory, science and technology activity room, 3D printing room, electronic reading room, psychological consultation room, etc. The supporting facilities are the top leading of the province.




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About the City

Changsha City is the provincial capital of Hunan Province. It is the political, economic, cultural, transportation, science and technology, finance and information center of Hunan Province. It is located in the north of the eastern part of Hunan Province. Changsha is the transportation centre of central China. On November 26, the China Happy City Forum was held in Guangzhou. The 12th “Happiest Cities in China” rankings were released. Changsha City was on the list. This is Changsha City’s 11th “Happiest Cities” award. Changsha County was selected as the “2018 Happiest County-level City in China”.


Population Feature Pros Cons
  • City: 8 million
  • Metro: 15 million
  • Spicy food;
  • Historical City
  • Low living cost; International Airport;
  • Railway transportation hub; Capital of Hunan province;
  • Hot summer;


5 hours to Beijing by rail;
5 hours to Shanghai by rail;
2 hours 30 mins to Guangzhou by rail

Hunan Cuisine, also known as ‘ Xiang’ Cuisine is renowned as one of the Eight Cuisines of China. It is features a fine and delicate appearance together with a hot and spicy flavor. The chefs cut the vegetables into fascinating shapes and patterns and use them to create a handsome assortment of cold dishes. Each dish tells its own story.


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