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Introduction to Suzhou International Foundation School

At the beginning of 2004, with the support from various circles of society and the formal approval from Jiangsu Education Department, Suzhou International Foundation School (website: was founded. This is a collaborated project by Suzhou Education International Exchange Association, Kaplan Higher Education (China) and Suzhou No.1 Middle School, and it is the first professional educational organization in Jiangsu Province which specializes in teaching NCUK International Foundation Course. The foundation of Suzhou International Foundation School marks the beginning of a new ear in which Suzhou entered a new stage in the field of introducing high-quality resources of international education and strengthening international cooperation and communication.

The western methodology of pre-university preparatory courses is what Suzhou International Foundation School offers. We provide full – time and small – class teaching methodology in a typical British teaching style with overseas experts who are specifically hired to manage and supervise the whole teaching process, with a purpose of providing high – quality university foundation courses to match the UK – based Foundation School Year.

Since its establishment, Suzhou International Foundation School has maintained outstanding records with an almost 100% success rate, in terms of graduation rates, college acceptance rates and the success rates of visa application. Approximately, 70% of the graduates received offers from world-class universities, and our reputation has won wide appreciation from prestigious higher education institutions in various countries namely USA, UK as well as Australia. It has been ten years since Suzhou International Foundation School laid its foundation stone in 2004. So far, the number of students who have graduated and been accepted by renowned universities worldwide has exceeded 1000. Further details of UK programs are available at Information on all schools can be found at


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About Suzhou

“In heaven there is paradise, on earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou”. Suzhou is a major city on the lower Yangtze known for its canals, bridges, pagodas, and beautiful gardens. Today, Suzhou has become a core city of China’s Yangtze River Delta economic zone, given its high GDP contribution to China. More recently, it has been a center of the silk trade and a place of gardens and canals. Suzhou has long been a heaven for scholars, artists, and skilled craftsmen, and this is still the case today. 


Suzhou is one of the major cities in the Yangtze River Delta Basin surrounded by several important big cities within 2 hour’s driving distance, such as Shanghai (100 km), Wuxi (50 km), Hangzhou (160 km). Transportation in and out of Suzhou is busy and very convenient. Currently, there are three Subway Lines available in the city. The ticket price goes from CNY 2 to CNY according to different distances.

  • To Shanghai: 30mins
  • To Downtown: the school is in downtown

Arts & culture

With a long history, Suzhou has given birth to the GuSu culture. Suzhou is the birthplace and center of Wu culture in history, consequently, all areas from garden architectures, silk embroidery and folk customs, to painting, calligraphy, seal cutting and poetry genres have been accumulated there from the Gu Su culture. All these illustrious cultural achievements were the historical and typical contribution of the Wu culture, it was also a special and remarkable contribution to Chinese culture.


Generally, there are four types of cuisine in China, that include, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and Sichuan cuisine that taste different to one another. There is an old saying that, “sour in the east, hot in the west, sweet in the south and salty in the north,” and thus Jiangsu cuisine is proclaimed as the the “sweet in the south”. Jiangsu cuisine has a great variety. After thousands of years of development, Suzhou foods can be divided into twelve categories, i.e. Jiangsu style dishes, Jiangsu style braised food, Jiangsu style pastry, Jiangsu style cakes, Jiangsu style candy, Jiangsu style confiture, Suzhou snacks and Suzhou rice-cake, among others.

Famous Suzhou dishes include, shrimp in Biluochun Tea sauce and Salted Bamboo Shoot in spring, Chicken in Watermelon and Plain Fried Shrimps in summer, Barb Liver Soup and Hairy Crab in autumn, Stewed Chicken in Marmite and Herring Tail in winter, etc. Suzhou snacks are famous worldwide. For instance, Sweet Dried Bean Curd, Pine-nut Candy, Rose Melon Seeds, Shrimp-roe Soy Sauce, Sesame Seed Cake with Jujube Paste and Lard New Year cake have all received international praise and are worth tasting.


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