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Introduction to Shaoxing Foreign Language School

Shaoxing Foreign Language School (website: is a non-profitable private school founded by local non-governmental force while under the superintendence of Shaoxing Education Bureau. It offers high school education ranging from Grade Seven to Grade Twelve, and is committed to cultivating outstanding students who aim to attend prestigious universities at home and abroad.

The school is located in No.147, Ma Zhen Road, Shaoxing City, occupying 41.5 acres with 16,039 square meters of housing area. A modern library facilitated with one reading room, several laboratories and language labs and etc are opened to all students for independent learning on our beautiful campus which is also, at the time, full of humanism atmosphere. In addition, the school possesses not only the first-class teaching facilities, but also a vibrant and experienced team of teachers.

The preparation work for the opening of school was initiated in October, 2014 and the first enrollment began in August, 2015. Totally 12 classes for Grade Seven to Nine and 18 for Grade Ten to Twelve are listed on the enrollment overall plan.

Educational philosophy, educational policy, training targets

The orientation of “SFLS” is to be one of the best schools with distinct features in Shaoxing City, then to accomplish as the best in Zhejiang province, and ultimately to become one of the best ones in China.

The goal of “SFLS” is to cultivate students into modern citizens equipped with solid ancient Chinese cultural knowledge and understanding, sharp global perspectives as well as qualities of modern elites.

The strategy for running “SFLS” highlights the characteristics of being an international foreign language education school, which, be more specific, means developing a school with her own features while providing students with multiple choice for comprehensive individual advancement; and the school provides two main express paths for students’ personal development – Program of Six-year Education (Domestic Education) and Overseas Study Projects on Diverse Co-operation.

“SFLS” has one motto (only knowing can act) and there school spirits (conscious and self-restraining in privacy; teaching students in accordance with their aptitude; studying phenomena to acquire knowledge).

Introduction of the international class

International Class in Shaoxing Foreign Language School combines the merits of both the eastern and western education together in order to foster students’ awareness and ability of conducting independent innovation in all aspects of life and learning, to equip students with specialized knowledge and skills, and to obtain educational certificates with more values.

From the perspective of partnership, Shaoxing Foreign Language School is authorized to be the only enrollment base to the international courses of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai Institute of Finance and other well-known domestic institutions by establishing direct cooperation with them. Meanwhile, the school also establishes minority language program which provides foreign languages’ study, such as Japanese, Korean and Spanish, by working with Zhejiang Yuexiu Foreign Languages University; under this course system, those minority languages classes are opened as elective courses from Grade Seven to Twelve.


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About Shaoxing

Shaoxing is situated in the centre of the eastern half of the coastal plain south of Hangzhou Bay. It is listed by the national government as one of China’s historical and cultural cities. As of 2010, its population was 4,912,339 inhabitants. The city is a economically prosperous city driven by manufacturing of textiles, electronics, and energy-efficient lighting. Zhejiang has the fifth highest per capita GDP in the nation. Shaoxing Panorama.

Arts & culture
Lying on the south bank of the Qiantang River mouth, Shaoxing City is widely famed for its plenty of natural and wonders, scenic water towns and attractive cultural relics. It had been a most popular tour destination since the ancient times. It is the notable global town of textiles and the world trade center of textiles.

Shaoxing dish is a main branch of Zhejiang Cuisine like Hangzhou dish and Ningbo dish. What’s different is that the preferred ingredient of the Shaoxing dish is river food and poultry resulting in a dish full of the flavor of rural life.


Teaching Program

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