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Introduction to Hangzhou No.4 High School

Zhejiang Province Hangzhou No. 4 High School (website) was founded in 1899, alongside Zhejiang University, by Governor Lin Qi during the Qing Dynasty. It was the first modern public secondary school in the province. And today it is recognized as one of the finest secondary schools in the region and a repository of the province’s cultural heritage.

Guided by its motto, Better Education for All, the school has expanded from its original campus—Wushan Campus, to a larger one–Xiasha campus located in Economic-Technological Development Area on the banks of the Qian Tang River. It is now the largest public boarding school in Hangzhou, serving over 2000 students on its 93,000 sq. meters campus including a complete facility for an international program and a 26,680 sq. meters original campus at Wu Shan catering 1200 students.

With its century-long history, Hangzhou No. 4 High School has cultivated many notable alumni, such as famous writers (Ma Xulun, Xu Zhimo, Yu Dafu, Hua Junwu, and Liu Ji), scholars (Ding Sunnian, Cheng Yuqi, Du Qinghua, and Ye Peijian), and world-class athletes (Luo Xuejian, Chen Hua and Feng Rui).
The school boasts a strong and diverse athletics programs, including basketball, gymnastics, and track-and-field participated in prestigious regional and national competitions. The choir and orchestra have also won prizes in competitions in the region and beyond.

The school attaches special importance upon internationalizing education and has established partnerships with high schools in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Australia and Japan. Our students frequently undertook exchange programs in these countries during winter and summer holidays. The school also provides an endowed scholarship to students studying abroad. Besides, UK’s A-level curriculum was introduced to the school this year and currently there are about 100 students that registered for studying the A-level.



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