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Introduction to Baochu Pagoda Experimental School

Located by the West Lake, Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School (website: http://www.bctsy.net) is an urban municipal experimental school, attached to Hangzhou Normal University.

Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School is of the same age as the New People’s Republic of China as the first nine-year through school ever built in Zhejiang Province. The same as the Yan’ an Nursery with a politically red history, this school had been personally approved and established by Tan Zhenlin, the first governor of Zhejiang Province. The children of many founding fathers of the People’ s Republic of China once studied here. Moreover, it was the birthplace of the first Young Pioneers’ Team of Zhejiang Province. The first Red Scarf was worn by the students from this school, nursing and cultivating generations of students filled with love, filial obedience, honesty, righteousness, responsibility, dedication, nationalism and patriotism with her glorious history of revolution.

The school covers an area of 75 acres and a building area of 39,263 square meters. The campus is centered on the “central square” with the secondary school teaching area, the sports field and the science and technology building on the east, the primary school teaching area on the west, and the comprehensive building, library, gymnasium and football field on the north. The central square is a hub connecting the primary and secondary schools. The red facade building group reflects the heavy culture with passion and vitality.The school was built up with the plaque garden of ‘the Glorious History’,‘the Walnut Story’,‘the famous people and sayings statues’, ‘the honors of the school history’ and ‘ the Zhou Qing-ding Statue’. The school mottos are “Ambition, Erudition, Reflection, Generosity” which are engraved on the stone lying among the grasses exerting a gradual, uplifting influence on the teachers as well as the students.

For over 60 years, especially since the implementation of the 9-year through compulsory education in 2001, the school has been oriented towards the mainstream student-centered educational philosophy, deepening the curriculum reform and aiming at the Quality Education”–“for students’ future, providing the students with the best and feasible education, making each of them successful”.

The school curriculum and culture are deep-rooted in the school motto “To be ambitious, knowledgeable, thoughtful and open-minded”. The school mission and vision are oriented to the development of honesty and responsibility, practicality and creativity, returning to the origin of education, which takes the education of morality and personality as her top priority, establishes the modern school system catering to the student development. The school makes it as her views of life to be equal to all and to be healthy as her top priority. She stresses the educational principles of morality and individuality development. All of these have inspired and encouraged the students and faculties to strive hard, pioneer bravely, make concerted efforts and contributions to raising the schooling level and building up the foundation for earning the prestigious position, “first-rate in Zhejiang and famous in China”. In reply to the call for educational development strategy of “high-quality resource radiation of the famous school”, for “more children to be better educated”, the Shenhua Branch School was founded in 2009. In 2011 Zi Jingang Branch School was also built up. Under the guidance of the cultural heritage, advanced educational concepts, efficient educational management and excellent faculty, the two campuses have rapidly developed into regional quality schools and are widely recognized by parents in the community. In order to highlight the unique characteristics of the campus, Zijingang Branch School and Shenhua Branch School became independent schools in 2015 and 2018. In 2011, Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School connected to the Xihu No. 1 Experimental School as the “Compact Type of Educational Community”. Thus, the school high-quality resources were effectively radiated. Known as a nine-year through experimental school, the school has also been famous nationwide for the features in curriculum development and morality development resources.

The enriched “school-based curriculum” has become the very important school culture, especially the social clubs curriculum, “the second classroom outside the school” comprehensive activity curriculum, as well as STEM curriculum, have become the notable achievements of the school to “change and improve the Talents Cultivation Model”. The students here are widely known as the winners of more than 100 nation-wide contests, including science exploration, science invention, robots, DI, aero-modeling, maritime-modeling, car-modeling, track & field, swimming, tennis, soccer, orchestra, chorus, dancing and so on. And all these show the effectiveness of “the differential development of the school curriculum” and make it a sample model of compulsory education in Zhejiang.


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About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and is located not far south of Shanghai. The city is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in China with numerous historic relics and natural beauty. Most famous for its picturesque West Lake, elected as a National Key Scenic location due to its historical and cultural significance and many temples, pagodas, ponds and plants.

The city is one of the most livable in China with a natural balance of local Chinese culture and Western amenities providing a dynamic atmosphere of live music, cafes and bars, a variety of events and an eclectic mixture of people from all over the world. Mix a buzzing city with a pleasant year round climate and low cost of living and you see why Hangzhou has earned the reputation it has.


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