Fuqing School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University


About the School

Fuqing School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University (website: http://www.bsdfq.cn/) is located in the railway station area of Fuqing City, with a total area of 528 acres, an area of 364.5 acres, a total construction area of 380,000 square meters and a planned school size of 13,000 people. There are nearly 5,000 students in the school, including 1,000 classes in kindergartens, 20 classes in primary schools, 56 classes in junior high school and 10 classes in high school. It boasts more than 630 faculty members and 300 full-time teachers.

Based on high starting point, high standard and high quality, it relies on the high-quality resources of Beijing Normal University and closely follows the main line of quality education and characteristic development, adhering to all students and positive implementation of quality education and promotion. The school strives to create a high-standard, high-quality Haixi elite school with the characteristics of Beijing Normal University.




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Youtube Video: Art Show Practice @ Fuqing School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University #ISAC_School



About the City

Fuqing is a coastal city located in the north-central part of Fujian’s sea coast, south of Fuzhou and north of Putian. It has a long indented coast line on the Taiwan Strait, to the south of Fuzhou. Fuqing has a southern subtropical maritime climate type, which means it is warm, humid, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The  annual average temperature is 21.1 °C.


Teaching Program

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