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Data of 杭州教育局

Hangzhou, a city along the coast of southeast China in the north of Zhejiang Province, is located at the west point of Hangzhou Bay while on the north bank of the lower reach of Yangtze River. At the southernmost tip of the Grand Canal some 180 kilometers away from Shanghai, the city functions as the capital of Zhejiang Province and one of the Chinese municipalities at a deputy provincial level. With geographical importance that makes it a hub connecting all routes in southeast China, Hangzhou also ranks among the core cities of the Yangtze Delta, the largest economic rim in the country. With its core area seated at 30°16’N and 120°12’E, the city has urisdiction of totally nine districts that include Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Jianggan, Gongshu, Xihu, Binjiang, Xiaoshan, Yuhang and Fuyang, two county-level cities of Lin’an and Jiande, and two counties that are Tonglu and Chun’an. The city’s urban area, covering a total floor space of 16,596 square kilometers, has a permanent population of 8.84 million The so-called Greater Hangzhou that places the city as the core, with its territorial area of 34,585 square kilometers and 2.11 million permanent residents in total, is the fourth largest Chinese mega-regions only next to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Education in Senior High School for the Public

The city houses 72 senior high schools for the public (including independent ones and those that implement 12-year schooling from primary education to senior high education) populated with 110,500 students and 11,300 people as teaching staff. 99.5% of students that have completed academic courses from junior schools are admitted to senior high schools of various kinds. By dedicating to distinguished education, there have been an exclusive of eight local schools recognized as the first model senior high schools of provincial level, which constitute 25% of the total within the province and thus gives the city a leading edge in the curricula reform program for the province-wide senior high schools.

The 24 Provincial-level Key Senior High Schools

Hangzhou Foreign Languages School, Hangzhou Senior High School, Hangzhou No.2 High School, Hangzhou No.4 High School, High School Affiliated to Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou No.14 High School, High School Affiliated to Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Xuejun High School, Hangzhou Changhe High School, Xiaoshan High School, Xiaoshan District No.2 High School, Xiaoshan District No.3 High School, Xiaoshan District No.5 High School, Yuhang High School, Yuhang No.2 High School, Fuyang High School, Fuyang No.2 High School, Fuyang Xindeng High School, Lin’an High School, Lin’an Changhua High School, Lin’an Yuqian High School, Tonglu High School, Yanzhou High School, Chun’an High School

The First 8 Public Senior High Schools of Distinguished Educational Programs in Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou Foreign Languages School, Hangzhou High School, Hangzhou No.2 High School, Hangzhou No.4 High School, High School Affiliated to Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou No.7 High School, Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School, Xiaoshan District No.2 High School

Full list of public schools in Hangzhou

1. Hangzhou Shengli Primary School
2. Hangzhou Chongwen Experimental School
3. Hangzhou Tianchang Primary School
4. Hangzhou Shidai Primary School
5. The No.1 Affiliated Primary School of Hangzhou Normal University
6. Hangzhou Yinmajing Lane Primary School
7. Hangzhou Ziyang Primary School
8. Hangzhou Tiandi Experimental Primary School
9. Hangzhou New Century Foreign Language School
10. Hangzhou Wahaha Elementary School
11. Hangzhou University Road Primary School
12. Hangzhou Muxing Elementary School
13. Hangzhou Gaoyinxiang Primary School
14. Hangzhou Funing Lane Primary School
15. Hangzhou Qiutao Road Primary School
16. Elementary School of Hangzhou
17. Primary School Attached to Hangzhou Chengcheng Education College
18. Hangzhou Wangjiangmen Elementary School
19. Hangzhou Shibanqiao Primary School
20. Hangzhou Railway Five Elementary School
21. Hangzhou Ayako School
22. Hangzhou No.10 High School
23. Hangzhou Zongwen Xiaoying Experimental School
24. Hangzhou Clothing Vocational High School
25. Hangzhou No.6 High School
26. Hangzhou Jiangcheng High School
27. Hangzhou Qinghe High School
28. Hangzhou Kaiyuan High School
29. Hangzhou Huixing High School
30. Hangzhou Railway High School
31. Hangzhou Jianlan High School
32. Hangzhou Yongjin High School
33. Hangzhou Anji Road Experimental School
34. Hangzhou Dacheng Experimental School
35. Hangzhou Jingcheng Experimental School
36. Hangzhou Mingzhu Education Group School
37. Hangzhou Youth High School
38. Hangzhou Chunlei High School
39. Hangzhou Zhaohui High School
40. Hangzhou Zhaohui Experimental Primary School
41. Hangzhou Modern Experimental Primary School
42. Hangzhou Zhaohui New Village Seven District Primary School
43. Hangzhou Fengqi High School
44. Communication University of Zhejiang Experimental High School
45. Hangzhou Guangming High School
46. Hangzhou Jiangxindao Experimental School
47. Hangzhou Qizheng High School
48. Hangzhou Fengfan High School
49. Hangzhou Changshouqiao Primary School
50. Hangzhou Changjiang Experimental Primary School
51. Hangzhou Evergreen Primary School
52. Hangzhou Qinglan Primary School
53. Hangzhou Shenglan Primary School
54. Hangzhou Xinhua Primary School
55. Hangzhou Dongyuan Primary School
56. Hangzhou Tianshui Elementary School
57. Hangzhou Wenlong Lane Primary School
58. Hangzhou Daomaoxiang Primary School
59. Hangzhou Kyoto Elementary School
60. Hangzhou Yongtian Experimental Primary School
61. Hangzhou Detian Experimental Primary School
62. Hangzhou Qizhi Primary School
63. Hangzhou Health Experimental School
64. Hangzhou West Lake Senior High School
65. Hangzhou West Lake Vocational High School
66. Hangzhou No.13 High School Education Group
67. Hangzhou No.15 High School Education Group
68. Hangzhou Cuiyuan High School
69. Hangzhou Leaving High School
70. Hangzhou Zhoupu High School
71. Hangzhou Yuanpu High School
72. Hangzhou Shangsi High School
73. Hangzhou Sandun Primary and High School
74. Hangzhou Baolingta Experimental School
75. Hangzhou Qiantang Foreign Language School
76. Hangzhou Xixi Experimental School
77. Hangzhou West Lake No.1 Experimental School
78. Hangzhou Wenyi Street Primary School
79. Hangzhou Xingzhi Primary School
80. Hangzhou Wensan Education Group
81. Hangzhou Fufu Road Primary School
82. Hangzhou Cuiyuan No. 1 Primary School
83. Hangzhou Cuiyuan No.2 Primary School
84. Primary School Affiliated to Zhejiang Research Department of Education
85. Hangzhou Yucai Education Group
86. Hangzhou Xuejun Primary School
87. Hangzhou Qiushi Education Group
88. Hangzhou West Lake Elementary Education Group
89. Hangzhou Jiulian Primary School
90. Hangzhou Bauhinia School
91. Hangzhou Yuanpu Primary School
92. Hangzhou Zhoupu Primary School
93. Hangzhou Tangtang Primary School
94. Hangzhou Sandun Town Central Primary School
95. Hangzhou Gudang No.1 Primary School
96. Hangzhou Zhijiang Foreign Language Experimental School
97. Hangzhou Xizi Experimental School
98. Hangzhou Private Oriental High School
99. Hangzhou Lantian Primary School
100. Hangzhou Songcheng Huamei School
101. Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School
102. Hangzhou Qiushi Primary School
103. Hangzhou Changzheng High School
104. Hangzhou Wenhui High School
105. Hangzhou Daguan High School
106. Hangzhou Xingzhi High School
107. Hangzhou Gongchen High School
108. Hangzhou Hemu High School
109. Hangzhou Beiyuan High School
110. Hangzhou Kangqiao High School
111. Hangzhou Gongshu Vocational High School
112. Hangzhou Wenlan High School
113. Hangzhou Yucai High School
114. Hangzhou Yuxin Senior High School
115. Hangzhou Qiushi Senior High School
116. Affiliated Schools of Hangzhou Training School
117. Hangzhou Jianxin Primary School
118. Hangzhou Daguan Elementary School
119. Hangzhou Maiyuqiao Primary School
120. Primary School Affiliated to Hangzhou Daguan High School
121. Hangzhou Xiangjisi Lane Primary School
122. Hangzhou Desheng Primary School
123. Hangzhou Elementary School
124. Hangzhou Daguanyuan No.2 Elementary School
125. Hangzhou Jiru Primary School
126. Hangzhou Hemu Primary School
127. Hangzhou Renmin Primary School
128. Hangzhou Gongchenqiao Primary School
129. Hangzhou Shuren Primary School
130. Hangzhou Banshan Experimental Primary School
131. Hangzhou Gangyuan Primary School
132. Hangzhou Beixiu Primary School
133. Hangzhou Canal School
134. Hangzhou Guangming Primary School
135. Hangzhou Wenyuan Primary School
136. Hangzhou Mingde Primary School
137. Hangzhou Moganshan Primary School
138. Hangzhou Hushu School
139. Hangzhou Jianggan Vocational High School
140. Hangzhou Xiayan High School
141. Hangzhou Tianhang Experimental School
142. Hangzhou Caihe Experimental School
143. Hangzhou Caihe High School Education Group
144. Hangzhou Sijiqing High School
145. Hangzhou Jiubao High School
146. Hangzhou Jingfang High School
147. Hangzhou Airport Road High School
148. Hangzhou Zhanongkou High School
149. Hangzhou Dingqiao High School
150. Hangzhou Binjiang Primary School
151. Hangzhou Caihe Primary School
152. Hangzhou Caihe No.2 Primary Education Group
153. Hangzhou Nanxiaobu Primary School
154. Hangzhou Genshan Road Primary School
155. Hangzhou Pujia Primary School Education Group
156. Hangzhou Chunya Experimental School
157. Hangzhou Maoyisheng Experimental School
158. Hangzhou Jinghua Primary School
159. Hangzhou Sijiqing Primary School
160. Hangzhou Cathay Pacific Education Group
161. Hangzhou Experimental Foreign Language School High School
162. Hangzhou Xiasha High School
163. Hangzhou Wenhai High School
164. Wenhai Experimental Primary School in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
165. Xuelin Street Primary School, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
166. Primary School Department of Hangzhou Experimental Foreign Language School
167. Hangzhou Xiasha Central Primary School
168. Hangzhou Xiasha No.2 Primary School
169. Sunshine Primary School of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
170. Jinsha School of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
171. Hangzhou Senior High School
172. Hangzhou No.7 High School
173. Hangzhou No. 9 High School
174. Hangzhou No.11 High School
175. High School Attached to Hangzhou Normal University
176. Hangzhou No.14 High School
177. High School Attached to Zhejiang University
178. Hangzhou Xuejun High School
179. Hangzhou Yuanqing High School
180. Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School
181. Hangzhou Electronic Vocational College
182. Hangzhou Business Vocational College
183. Hangzhou Fine Arts Vocational High School
184. Hangzhou Jiangbin Vocational High School
185. Hangzhou Kaiyuan Vocational College
186. Hangzhou Renmin Vocational School
187. Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School

Name in Middle School

1. Hangzhou No.10 Middle School
2. Hangzhou Clothing Vocational Middle School
3. Hangzhou No.6 Middle School
4. Hangzhou Jiangcheng Middle School
5. Hangzhou Qinghe Middle School
6. Hangzhou Kaiyuan Middle School
7. Hangzhou Huixing Middle School
8. Hangzhou Railway Middle School
9. Hangzhou Jianlan Middle School
10. Hangzhou Yongjin Middle School
11. Hangzhou Youth Middle School
12. Hangzhou Chunlei Middle School
13. Hangzhou Zhaohui Middle School
14. Hangzhou Fengqi Middle School
15. Communication University of Zhejiang Experimental Middle School
16. Hangzhou Guangming Middle School
17. Hangzhou Qizheng Middle School
18. Hangzhou Fengfan Middle School
19. Hangzhou West Lake Senior Middle School
20. Hangzhou West Lake Vocational Middle School
21. Hangzhou No.13 Middle School Education Group
22. Hangzhou No.15 Middle School Education Group
23. Hangzhou Cuiyuan Middle School
24. Hangzhou Leaving Middle School
25. Hangzhou Zhoupu Middle School
26. Hangzhou Yuanpu Middle School
27. Hangzhou Shangsi Middle School
28. Hangzhou Sandun Primary and Middle School
29. Hangzhou Private Oriental Middle School
30. Hangzhou Changzheng Middle School
31. Hangzhou Wenhui Middle School
32. Hangzhou Daguan Middle School
33. Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School
34. Hangzhou Gongchen Middle School
35. Hangzhou Hemu Middle School
36. Hangzhou Beiyuan Middle School
37. Hangzhou Kangqiao Middle School
38. Hangzhou Gongshu Vocational Middle School
39. Hangzhou Wenlan Middle School
40. Hangzhou Yucai Middle School
41. Hangzhou Yuxin Senior Middle School
42. Hangzhou Qiushi Senior Middle School
43. Primary School Affiliated to Hangzhou Daguan Middle School
44. Hangzhou Jianggan Vocational Middle School
45. Hangzhou Xiayan Middle School
46. Hangzhou Caihe Middle School Education Group
47. Hangzhou Sijiqing Middle School
48. Hangzhou Jiubao Middle School
49. Hangzhou Jingfang Middle School
50. Hangzhou Airport Road Middle School
51. Hangzhou Zhanongkou Middle School
52. Hangzhou Dingqiao Middle School
53. Hangzhou Experimental Foreign Language School Middle School
54. Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School
55. Hangzhou Wenhai Middle School
56. Hangzhou Senior Middle School
57. Hangzhou No.7 Middle School
58. Hangzhou No. 9 Middle School
59. Hangzhou No.11 Middle School
60. Middle School Attached to Hangzhou Normal University
61. Hangzhou No.14 Middle School
62. Middle School Attached to Zhejiang University
63. Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School
64. Hangzhou Yuanqing Middle School
65. Hangzhou Fine Arts Vocational Middle School
66. Hangzhou Jiangbin Vocational Middle School

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