Zhejiang Financial College Foreign Teacher Meet up for the New Semester

At 9:30 in the morning of September 6, 2018, the Business English Faculty of the International Business School of ZFC held its first foreign teacher conference in Classroom 9611. Six foreign teachers attended the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Zhu Huifen, deputy director of the Business English Teaching and Research Faculty. Professor Liu Yiqiang, Director of the International Exchange Office, Professor Zhang Haiyan, Associate Dean of the International Business School, and Associate Professor Tang Xiaobo, Dean of the College of International Education. Foreign teachers need to actively participate in student activities, establish a harmonious teacher-student relationship with students in their interaction, and enhance students’ love of English.

Mr. Liu Dongguang explained the contents of the school calendar for the foreign teachers in detail, and mentioned several important timelines. Teacher Wang Huisheng also shared the schedule of the teaching of the class in the semester for foreign teachers, which will help them prepare in advance.

The conference helps Chinese teachers and foreign teachers understand each other’s teaching philosophy and lays a solid foundation for close cooperation and innovation in classroom setting.



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