Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management Teachers Celebrate Christmas

On December 24th, in order to celebrate the traditional Western holiday Christmas, enrich the amateur cultural life of foreign teachers in our college, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and the Culinary College jointly organized the 2015 dumplings and celebrations for all foreign teachers of the college.

The Christmas Fellowship made foreign teachers fully feel the Christmas atmosphere with a strong Chinese style in our college. Zhou Li, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Dong Ruihu, Director of the Basic Department, and related teachers from the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, the Basic Department and the College of Culinary Sciences attended the event together with foreign teachers.

During the event, the pastry masters Zhang Guifeng and Wang Shanshan of the Culinary Institute first explained the origin and symbolic meaning of Chinese traditional cuisine, dumplings, to foreign teachers, and showed the basic method of making dumplings. Then, the foreign teachers took part in the battle with strong interest Practice, material extraction, and skinning are quite standard. When encountering inexplicable problems, the foreign teachers will also seriously consult the masters.

After some intense work, the foreign teachers tasted the dumplings just out of the pan, and were full of praise for the delicious cooking prepared by the cooking masters.

During the event, the leaders and teachers of our college also had a cordial discussion with foreign teachers and presented Christmas gifts with Qingdao characteristics to the foreign teachers. The foreign teachers expressed their gratitude for the elaborate arrangement of the college.

Celebrating Christmas for foreign teachers is a routine task in the management of foreign teachers in our college. All along, the college has been adhering to the purpose of “strengthening service awareness and creating a harmonious atmosphere”. Every major festival, special people will be sent to the foreign teachers to send festive blessings and special small gifts, and regularly organize them for special cultural experiences, strengthen Foreign teachers communicate and understand their latest needs.

This Christmas celebration has better promoted communication between foreign teachers, foreign teachers and Chinese colleagues, allowing them to feel the warmth of the festival and the care of their colleagues in foreign countries.







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