Halloween Night at XAUAT An De College



活动伊始,Trevor哼着大家耳熟能详的英文歌,随着律动敲打桌子,带着同学们舞动起来,参与进来。“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;You raise me up,to walk on stormy seas.”在同学们一首首英文歌曲的感染鼓舞下孙灵通一首《You Raise Me Up》惊艳全场,低沉喑哑的嗓音,流畅正宗的英文发音,让同学们深深陶醉其中,就连Trevor也不禁竖起大拇指称赞。派对进行过半,音乐的响起,游戏大战正式开始。画着万圣节妆容,穿着搞怪服装的同学们本着“不给糖果就捣蛋”的原则,全英文交流并互相讨要糖果。大家热情高涨,场上氛围十分热烈。抢椅子、单脚站、传气球、吹爆气球等活动让同学们感受到传统万圣节的韵味与温情。一轮轮优胜者的角逐,再一次将派对引入高潮。时间飞逝,在同学们依依不舍中,活动到了尾声。大家合影留念,相互拥抱道别。


In order to promote exchanges between various departments and improve the English level of students, on the evening of October 30th, the Halloween-themed English Corner event hosted by Ande College of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology was successfully held in the No.10 teaching building. Foreign teachers of Ande College Julie, Trevor, Zhinous, Masoud attended the party.

At the beginning of the activity, Trevor hummed a familiar English song; he beat the table with the rhythm, and led the students to dance and participate. “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.” The song “You Raise Me Up” stunned the audience, and even Trevor couldn’t help but praise it with a thumbs up. Halfway through the party, with the sound of music, the game war officially begins. Activities such as grabbing chairs, passing balloons, and blowing balloons made the students feel the charm and warmth of traditional Halloween. Time flies, and the activity comes to an end despite the reluctance of the students.

In this activity, the students not only experienced the original Halloween style, but also exercised their oral English, conversation and social skills.

(Source: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology)


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