English Corner at Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management

9月17日下午,本学期第一期英语角活动在旅游与酒店管理学院实训中心咖啡厅成功举行。本次英语角活动的主题是“Should the teachers wear suits in classroom?”(大学老师上课应该穿正装吗?),来自各二级学院的同学们围绕主题与外教老师进行了热烈的讨论。



(Translation: On the afternoon of September 17, the first English corner of this semester was successfully held in the cafe of the Training Center of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management. The theme of this English corner activity is “Should the teachers wear suits in classroom?”

The new semester, new weather, and the English corner activity in the first semester of this semester have been sought after by more students. The members who participated in the activity have already arrived at the event site early. Everyone expressed their expectation for this theme discussion. After the activity started, the foreign teacher raised a series of questions on the subject. The students responded positively and expressed their opinions and opinions. The atmosphere on the scene was high. After the topic discussion, the foreign teacher gave some guidance suggestions for the students about the upcoming CET-4 and cheered for everyone. The event also attracted some freshman freshmen who have just entered the university campus. The foreign teachers warmly invited them to join the discussion and welcome them to come to the English corner as guests.

The successful holding of the English corner activity in the first semester of this semester has actively and effectively guided the students to return to their roles, and laid a good head for the study life of the new semester.)

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