Dr. Johnson’s MBA Class at CTBU

2018年10月18日下午,来自英国林肯大学的Jennifer Johnson教授走进课堂,与我院18工商管理国际班同学和我校MBA留学生一起探讨“如何在跨国背景下开展有效的工作”。




On the afternoon of October 18, 2018, Professor Jennifer Johnson from Lincoln University in the United Kingdom walked into the class and discussed “how to carry out effective work in a transnational context” with students from the 18th International Business Administration Class of our school and our MBA international students.

Professor Johnson used to be the person in charge of Lincoln University’s MBA program and multiple master’s programs in human resource management, marketing, international business, etc. He has rich educational experience in the field of human resource training and management. In addition, Professor Johnson has lived in Hong Kong for 11 years and has personal experience of human resource management in a cross-cultural context.

In the class, Professor John combined his personal and family expatriate work experience in Hong Kong, and talked about why companies should carry out multinational expatriate work, what issues the company and expatriates need to pay attention to, and how companies can help expatriates overcome cultural barriers, etc. Several questions put forward their own opinions. During the learning process, the students conducted group discussions and put forward their views on the above-mentioned issues. International students from Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries also shared their views on why they came to China to study and how their employees have been sent to other countries.

Through in-depth exchanges with foreign teachers, especially after listening to Professor Johnson’s own work experience, the students gained a more intuitive understanding of the relatively unfamiliar topic of the company’s transnational employees, which also triggered more theoretical thinking.

(Credit: Chongqing Technology and Business University)

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