CIPTC Teachers Experience Chinese Tea and Craft

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CIPTC organized a variety of cultural activities in Shanzhi Academy on May 12th, 2019, to let foreign teachers further study Chinese traditional culture and experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

CIPTC teachers learn the traditional Chinese craft of paper-cutting

The traditional tea ceremony originated in China. Ms. Peng introduced Chinese tea ceremony culture, demonstrated the steps and essentials of making and tasting tea, and taught the foreign teachers how to appreciate the beauty of tea.

A foreign teacher learns how to hold the tea cup

After the tea ceremony was the paper-cutting workshop. We invited Dr. Zeng, the UNESCO world outstanding handicraft insignia winner and paper-cutting master, to introduce the Chinese paper-cutting art to CIPTC foreign teachers, and teach them the skills of paper-cutting. CIPTC teachers were excited to pick up the tools to make their own works of art. Under the guidance of the teacher, foreign teachers cut out ‘double happiness’, swans, small fish, flowers, and other patterns.

Our art is not bad, right?!

Next, Mr. Mao, a calligrapher, introduced some oracle characters to our foreign teachers. He talked about the origin and meaning of these characters and shared their cultural connotations. It greatly increased the interest for our foreign teachers to learn Chinese.

When it comes to traditional Chinese painting, foreign teachers only know about painting with a brush, ink, and rice paper. Not until they saw Mr. Ji, master of finger painting, did they learn more about different Chinese painting and were deeply impressed by its charm. Using only palm and fingers, ink and water, Mr. Ji could easily paint lifelike pictures of traditional Chinese landscape on cards. Our foreign teachers were amazed and eager to try.

Through this month’s Chinese traditional culture training and experience activities, CIPTC foreign teachers have a deeper understanding of Chinese tea ceremony culture, Chinese character culture, paper-cutting art, and finger painting art. It is also a good opportunity for teachers to bond with each other through their shared new experiences living in a foreign country and working for CIPTC.


(Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen)

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