A Day at Hebei University – Spanish Teacher Carlos


“I love spicy foods!”

12:00 餐厅 Canteen

Q 向大家介绍一下你自己?

A 大家好,我的名字是Carlos,是你们的外教老师(笑)。我来自 西班牙 。

Q 介绍一下你的国家?

A 西班牙是个很美丽的国家,有很多不同的风景。西班牙人和西班牙的文化都十分多样,热情开放,而且西班牙的 食物 也很好吃(笑)。

Q 有饮食差异吗?可以克服吗?

A 当然。比如中国的早餐真的很丰富!而且在西班牙从来没有辣味的食物,直到来到中国我才知道,辣的食物真的很好吃!

Q: Can you introduce yourself to everyone?

A: Hi everyone, my name is Carlos and I am your foreign teacher. I am from Spain .

Q: Can you introduce your country?

A: Spain is a very beautiful country with many different landscapes. The Spanish and Spanish cultures are very diverse, enthusiastic and open, and Spanish food is delicious (laughs).

Q: Is there a diet difference between China and Spain?

A: Of course. For example, Chinese breakfast is really rich! And there is never spicy food in Spain. I didn’t know until I came to China that spicy food is really delicious!


“ Don’t be shy.Just talk more. ”

14:30 课堂 Classroom

Q 你认为中国和西方大学课堂的最大差异在哪里?

A 最大的可能就是 学习方式的不同 。在我看来,在西方大学课堂上更注重交流沟通,在中国更加侧重讲解,学生很爱做笔记。

Q 有什么学习英的好建议吗?

A 一定要多交流。事实上当你开口和人沟通时,语法并不是那么重要了。 勇敢地说就好了。 作为外教老师我很希望能看到这点。

Q: What do you think is the biggest difference between Chinese and Western university classrooms?

A: The biggest difference is probably the way you learn. In my opinion, in the classroom of western universities, communication is more focused, and in China, the explanation is more focused. Students love to take notes.

Q: Any good suggestions for learning?

A: Be sure to communicate more. In fact, grammar is not so important when you talk to people. Just be brave. As a foreign teacher, I really want to see this.


“Get used to it.”

16:30 图书馆 Library

Q 空闲时间都喜欢做些什么呢?

A 我喜欢阅读,有自己的 kindle (笑)再有就是听音乐,偶尔购物也很开心(笑)。

Q 在保定还习惯吗?

A 当我知道我要来 保定 时我在网上搜索了保定的照片。天是灰色的,雾霾很重,我心里很惊讶。但是等我来到以后发现 环境非常好,空气也很清新 。污染并没有我想象的那么严重。非说起来的话,最近实在是太冷了。

Q 假期过得好吗?

A 我在假期去了河南的 万仙山 ,人真的太多了(笑),山很漂亮。只是交流有一些障碍。

Q 怎么看待文化差异?

A 只是我们的文化都有各自的特点。

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like to read. I have my own kindle (laughs), and then I listen to music. I also like shopping (laughs).

Q: How do you like Baoding?

A: When I knew I was coming to Baoding, I searched for Baoding photos on the Internet. The sky was gray and the haze was heavy. But when I arrived, I found that the environment was very good and the air was very fresh. The pollution is not as severe as I thought. If anything I don;t like, it has been too cold recently.

Q: How is your holiday?

A: I went to Wanxian Mountain in Henan during the holidays. There are too many people (laughs). The mountain is very beautiful.

Q: What about cultural differences?

A: It’s just that each culture has its own characteristics.


“Hopes it gets better and better.”

17:30 广场 Square

Q 对河北大学的第一印象?

A (笑)真的很漂亮,而且 设施条件 都很好。图书馆很大设施很齐全,还有很棒的餐厅。而且同学们都很热情,大学 氛围非常好。

Q 有关于未来的计划吗?

A 应该会继续留在中国工作吧。

Q 有什么话想对河大说吗?

A 很感激能够来到河北大学工作,也希望河北大学能够越办越好。

Q: First impression of Hebei University?

A: (laughs) It’s really beautiful and the facilities are in good condition. The library is large and well equipped, and there are great restaurants. And the students are very enthusiastic and the university atmosphere is very good.

Q: Do you have plans for the future?

A: I should continue to work in China.

Q: Do you have anything to say to Hebei University?

A: I am grateful to be able to work at Hebei University, and I hope that Hebei University will get better and better.

(Source: Hebei University Youth)

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