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Introduction to Xi’an International University

Xi’an International University (XAIU, 西安外事学院) is a private institution of higher education with the accreditation of China’s Ministry of Education for four-year baccalaureate programs. Founded in 1992 and located in the heart of Xi’an, the most historic city in China, the University sits on 1.26 million square meters of land, has about 20,000 students and 1,700 faculty and staff. The University includes 8 colleges offering 67 major fields of study, which cover Management, Economics, Humanities, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Arts. It has partnered with famous universities and enterprises both at home and abroad to cultivate bachelor and master talents. Over nearly 30 years of development, XAIU has grown into a multi-discipline comprehensive university. Read More


FLE Teacher Recruitment

The role of a Foreign French lecturer is to help our students speak French and improve French practical skills. Those responsibilities include preparing lessons and lesson material, teaching young adult students, holding counseling sessions, assisting colleagues, maintaining records, writing progress reports, etc. You will have 20-22 classes per week, each class for 45 minutes; there is no office hours required for this position.

1. Master’s degree or above
2. Native French Speakers
3. Age under 60 years old

Remuneration Package:
1. Monthly salary: Master: RMB 6,000/month, PhD: 8000/month
2. Free apartment
3. Flight allowance
4. Insurance provided for free

Foreign Teacher’s Application

Applicants must have 2 years and above work experience, bachelor degree or above and under 60 years old.

Application document lists:
1. 申请人六个月内正面免冠照片电子版
An electronic passport size photo within the last 6 months
2. 工作资历证明或者相关执教证书(递交中文翻译件更好)
Certificate of working experience or relevant teaching certificates (It would be better if all documents are translated into Chinese).
3. 申请人个人简历(中文简历更好)
Applicant’s Resume (Chinese resume is preferred).
4. 最高学位及学历证书及认证件(中国领事馆认证并递交中文翻译件)
Final Academic Degree and Educational Certificates verified by local Chinese Embassy (It would be better if all documents are translated into Chinese).
5. 申请人国籍国官方出具的无犯罪证明及中国领事馆认证,以及无犯罪记录的中文翻译件(6个月有效期)
Certificate of no crime issued by the official of the applicant’s country and verified by the Chinese consulate (It would be better if it is translated into Chinese). valid for 6 months
6. 申请人体检证明(境外体检需当地中国大使馆认可的医院体检)6个月有效期
Applicant’s Medical examination report (Overseas physical examination shall be conducted by a hospital approved by the local Chinese embassy). valid for 6 months
7. 中英文聘请合同
Foreign Staffer’s Employment Contract of Xi’an International University (Chinese & English version)
8. 护照首页(扫描件)
A scanned copy of the first page of passport

18 Yudou Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

About The City – Xi’an
Xi’an, which was called Chang’an in ancient times, is the capital city of China’s Shaanxi province and the largest designated central city in Northwest China. The total area of Xi’an is 10,752 square kilometers, and its population is 12 million. Xi’an is one of the three international metropolises and the 9th Regional Central City of China designated by China’s central government. It has earned the honorary titles of National Sanitary City, National Garden City, China City with Best Images, China City with Best International Images, and China’s Civilized City. Remarkably, it has been named China Happiest City seven years in a row.

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