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Start Sept. 2021

South China Business College South China Business College
South China Business College South China Business College


Introduction to South China Business College

South China Business College (SCBC, website) of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a privately-funded college (also termed as independent college) providing undergraduate degrees. It is established by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and ratified by the Ministry of Education of China. Prof. Chen Linhan, vice President of GDUFS, currently takes the office of president of the college.

SCBC, covering an area of 800-odd mu (around 100 acres), is conveniently sitting closely to G105 Highway(the Guang CongHighway) in the north of Baiyun District of Guangzhou, a noted historic and cultural city as well as a giant modern metropolis and commercial center in South China. The campus boasts a good environment of its lush greenery, fresh air, peaceful lakes, exquisite landscaped gardens, and verdant surroundings. Thanks to its fully-equipped teaching, learning, living and entertaining facilities, its well-qualified faculty, and its strict teaching management, this beautiful college makes an ideal place for the aspiring young to have their study and to become competitive talents with potential. Read More.


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Job description

2021 Recruitment Notice of South China Business College, Full-time Foreign English Teacher Needed

Job Description
1. Teaching English courses including English Communication, English Listening and Reading Practice, English Newspapers and Magazines, English Listening & Speaking Practice etc.
2. Full-time Teaching position, you will give up to 16 teaching hours per week. For most weeks you will have about 12-14 classes. Office hour is not required.
3. Contract duration: one year, full-time, those who pass the evaluation can be renewed

Salary and Benefits
1. Monthly salary: for non-native speakers: 13,500 RMB/month for bachelor’s degree holder, 15,000 RMB/month for master’s degree holder (need to pass TOTA test); for native speakers: 15,000 RMB/month for bachelor’s degree holder, 17,000 for master’s degree holder
2. Annual airfare allowance: No allowance for the first year. RMB 8,000 from the second year and after
3. Fully paid winter vacation; fully paid summer vacation if you renew your contract for another academic year.
4. Residence: Covered
5. Accommodation: Well-equipped apartment on campus



*To apply for this position fill out the application form and put South China Business College or University Program as your preferred school/program.

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