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Introduction to Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University (website) was established in 1983 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The Central Government, the Ministry of Education and the local government attach great importance to the construction of the SAR University. Peking University assisted in the construction of Chinese and foreign language disciplines, and Tsinghua assisted in the construction of electronic and architectural disciplines. The National People’s Congress assisted in the construction of economic and legal disciplines. A large number of well-known scholars gathered in Shenzhen University. Read More.

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Shenzhen University 2021 Second Round Talent Recruitment

I. Position and Remuneration
Interested parties are invited to refer to the Shenzhen University 2021 Second Round Teaching Position Recruitment Plan for current openings (see Attachment, hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”).

Teachers recruited this year will be subject to the tenure track, and some positions will be subject to the management system of full-time academic faculty. Tenure-track faculty applicants should be under 35 years old. The age requirements will be appropriately relaxed for urgently-needed talents and applicants with particularly outstanding qualifications. Remuneration for tenure-track faculty is as follows:

1. Successful candidates will enjoy a competitive annual salary and research start-up funds based on their experience and performance. Particularly excellent candidates can join the SZU talent program and enjoy corresponding remuneration according to the University’s policies.
2. Candidates who meet the requirements can enjoy subsidies for high-level talents in Shenzhen and research start-up funds for newly-recruited high-end talents.
3. Housing policy: Successful candidates can apply for renting University-owned apartments on campus with a preferential rent. Candidates who meet the requirements can enjoy Shenzhen’s talent housing policy according to the final announcement of the Shenzhen government.
4. Education support: The SZU Affiliated Education Group has three kindergartens, four primary schools and four secondary schools to provide high-quality education services for the children of faculty and staff.
5. Health care: SZU has two affiliated hospitals directly under the University: SZU General Hospital and SZU Pinghu Hospital, both of which are First-Class Hospital at Grade III, providing quality medical services for faculty and staff.

II. Requirements
1. Applicants should have the qualifications stipulated in this announcement and the Plan.
2. Applicants should have an academic background in related disciplines as specified in the Plan and have obtained the level of education in the required major as stipulated in the Plan.
3. Only the age and work experience up to the date of April 30, 2021 will be considered for the application.

III. Application
1. Applications are open till April 30, 2021.
2. Applicants should use the e-Recruitment system of Shenzhen University at http://zp.szu.edu.cn/ for application submission (it is recommended to use 360 speed browser or Google browser). The steps are as follows:
a. Create a user account with your email. You will receive a system-generated email after your registration. Click the activation link in the email to activate your account.
b. Click “Apply Now” for the position that you wish to apply and fill out the online form in details.
c. Click “Submit Application”.
Each applicant can apply for up to three positions. Applicants can refer to Faculty Recruitment System Manual (for applicants) (Attachment 2) for further information on the online application procedures.

Because the e-Recruitment system is in Chinese, foreign applicants can send their C.V., positions that they wish to apply, and contact information to the Human Resources Department at szuhr@szu.edu.cn.

3. Performance supporting materials can be uploaded in the system. Applicants must ensure that the resume and other documents are true and complete and that the phone number is accurate where the University can reach them in time.

IV. Interview
The interview panel of each unit will comprehensively review the applicant’s academic background, work experience, academic achievements and development potential to shortlist candidates for interview. After the shortlisted candidate list is reviewed and approved by the SZU faculty personnel committee, each unit will organize the interview. The interview will examine candidates’ overall qualities including academic level, research ability and teaching ability. Each unit will notify the candidates of their interview date/time/location. Candidates can view contact information for each unit in the e-Recruitment system. Applicants should submit the following documents for review at the interview:
(1) C.V.
(2) ID card (original copy for verification and one copy for submission).
(3) Academic and degree certificates (original copy for verification and one copy for submission. Domestic graduates who have not yet obtained the diploma should provide the recommendation form, the original transcript and the original copy of the academic and degree certificates of the last obtained degree. Applicants from the overseas should provide certificates certified by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Applicants who have not yet obtained the certification should provide documents including the transcript, a certificate specifying his/her academic status and graduation time issued by the applicant’s institutions).
(4) Proof of performance materials in teaching and research in the past five years (including but not limited to programs, patents, articles, works, and awards).
(5) Professional and technical qualification certificates if any;
(6) Other supporting documents to the position.
(7) Documents on other awards and work experience (optional).

V. Recruitment results and announcement
Each unit submits a list of qualified candidates to the University after the interview. The faculty personnel committee will deliberate and determine the candidates to be hired. After the approval from the University, the successful candidates will be announced on the University’s recruitment website for comments for 7 days.

VI. Employment
If no complaints about the successful candidates are received or the complaints are unfounded or do not affect the employment after verification, the employment procedures will be completed within one year after the announcement. Candidates who fail to report to the University on time will be deemed as a waiver of the employment and will not be accepted. For inquiries, please contact the human resources department via telephone at 0755-26534449.

Foreign Teacher Job Position:
Full-time Lecturer in German

Job Requirements:
1. 35 years old or less
2. Academic Level: Master/PhD
3. Major: Foreign linguistics and applied linguistics / German language and literature / Pedagogy
4. Foreign applicants: a Master degree or above in linguistics, education, and sociology with a minimum of two years’ teaching experience in related areas; age limit can be relaxed.

Yuehai Campus: 3688 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

About The City – Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a coastal city in Guangdong Province in China. It is regarded as a gate of China in the south, is a city with warm climate and most developed and high-tech economy in China. It is also home to some of the most modern buildings worldwide. Standing next to Hong Kong, it has flourished in this favorable location and become the Mainland’s “coolest city”. Just 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a small seaside town. Now it’s one of China’s biggest and most important cities.

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To apply for this job email your details to szuhr@szu.edu.cn

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