English Teacher (Fall 20)

Shandong Yingcai University

Start Aug. 2020


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English Teacher Recruitment

Shandong Yingcai University (山东英才学院) is located in Jinan, Shandong Province. Founded in 1998, Shandong Yingcai University is the first private undergraduate college in Jinan. Read More.

Teacher Job Description
The main role of a Language and Liberal Arts teacher is to engage with the students and make sure that the students, in turn, engages with aspects of the teaching and learning programme-classes, activities and excursions (as required). This means communicating, interacting, and motivating students in their studies. We aim to provide an excellent learning experience through effective and enjoyable student-centred courses conducted in a professional, yet personalised environment. This vital role underpins all of the following tasks that comprise the details of the job:

Essential Requirements
1. Minimum – First degree, and internationally recognised teaching qualification such as Trinity Cert TESOL. Cambridge CELTA or country equivalent, or PGCE in subjects relevant to a Languages and Liberal Arts curriculum or BEd QTS or overseas teaching equivalent. You must be able to teach all English and soft skills content areas and do so across a variety of levels from EFRL A2 upwards. Alternatively, candidates with an appropriate degree and experience, but without formal teaching qualifications, may be accepted to commence employment with a signed contractual obligation to complete our own University Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching (at no cost and within 18 months) if they display the required attributes and attitude that shares the College’s vision and are committed to helping achieve our shared mission.
2. Eligible to live and work in China. According to new visa application procedures in China, new employees should have their Degree Certificate and Non-criminal Certificate authenticated by their local Chinese Embassy/Consulate. Only those considered a native English speaker can be granted a visa for an English teaching position.

Desirable Requirements
1. Previous teaching experience with young adults or adults
2. 2 years previous experience working in a multicultural setting, intensive language training setting, or higher education setting.
3. Experience teaching Academic English, ESAP and/or Business English and/or a language based Liberal Arts curriculum.
4. Experience in CLIL approaches is essential for several positions
5. Able to organise and participate in additional activities to support learning
6. Differentiate and individualise teaching and learning
7. Use a wide range of modern and innovative assessment methods

Personal Qualities
1. Ability to innovate and try different teaching and learning approaches as deemed necessary for individual classes
2. Ability to speak a second language or learn a second language
3. Ability to conduct pastoral assistance in a calm, productive and positive manner
4. Have a positive “can do” approach to student interaction in all areas
5. Be a reflective practitioner and sharer

Main Academic Duties
1. You will generally have scheduled student-centred contact of between 16 -18 hours a week. Additional teaching hours or duties will have to be undertaken in cases of whole group language testing, and may have to be undertaken in emergency staffing situations or where temporary cover is required.
2. You will co-ordinate your student-centred lessons with a co-teacher, if one has been assigned, spending adequate time preparing your lessons so that students needs and subject/language development and soft skills targets are met.
3. You will teach to the prescribed curriculum, using professional experience and judgement to alter the pace of delivery (as required] to provide a positive learning experience and educational outcome. You will also prepare any other activities you feel may contribute to their educational experience and attainment. Authentic assessment will also be centred on the teaching curriculum. You must also complete all administration relating to your duties.

Teacher Development
We encourage and support student-centred and innovative “can do” approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom. For teachers who feel that they can go beyond the normal class teaching and the memorised “mid-term”- “final exam” approach, then we may have the right position for you. We can support a wide variety of methods that allow you to get the most from your students and from your teaching. Teachers contribute heavily to Quality Improvement and we expect all our teachers to be fully engaged in that process.

Remuneration and Life Package
Salary RMB 10,000 – 12,000 RMB/month with additional expatriate benefits that include a relocation allowance, medical insurance, paid leave, and free housing on campus. 12,000 – 15,000 RMB/month for PhD degree holders. Teaching couples are highly welcome and will be provided with a two-bedroom apartment. Lifestyle and work conditions are important for expatriates and we offer the following conditions.

Our beautiful, clean and modern campus location is about 45 minutes from central Jinan and our up-to-date teaching building and accommodation on campus is tailored to suit the normal teaching and living needs of ex-pats. Summer vacation and winter vacation are fully paid. We provide good and helpful living assistance and can help with organising your personal excursions, or personal matters such as visits to hospitals or routine daily life issues. We care that our teachers not only feel welcome, but also feel they are well supported so that their teaching and experience with us is positive, memorable and productive.

Arrival Date:
You are expected to arrive at our university before Aug. 15th, 2020 for the Fall semester, 2020.

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About The City – Jinan
As the capital of Shandong province, Jinan is one of China’s megalopolises and deputy provincial cities. It’s the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center of Shandong province. The city is a traffic hub for railways, highways and aviation. The Beijing-Shanghai and Jiaozhou-Jinan railways link up there. With its 72 famous springs, Jinan is also known as the “Spring City” and for the fact that “Jinan springs are the best springs in the world”. The springs spread everywhere and their water is clear, sweet and pure. The beautiful natural scenery and numerous places of interest make Jinan one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China.

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Work Visa
Yingcai University and ISAC will guide you through the Work Visa Application process