Oral English Teacher (Summer Camp ’21)

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From July 12th to July. 23th, 2021


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Introduction to Nanjing Agricultural University

Located in the well-endowed historic and cultural city of Nanjing, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is a national key institution of higher learning, directly affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education. Famously known for its established disciplines in agriculture and life sciences, NAU also offers balanced, comprehensive programs in diverse branches of learning, including sciences, economics, management, engineering, humanities and law. NAU is a university covered by the 211 Program and has been selected as one of the Innovation Platforms for Outstanding Disciplines listed under the National 985 Excellence Initiative Project as well as one of the institutions of higher education chosen to develop world-class disciplines under China’s Double First-class University Project. Read More.


English Teacher for Summer Camp 2021 Recruitment

The role of an oral English lecturer for Summer Camp 2021 (from July 12th to July. 23th, 2021) is to help our top-tier students speak English and improve English practical and academic skills. Those responsibilities include preparing lessons and lesson material, teaching students skills for an academic meeting, dealing with Q&A session for the meeting, etc. You will have 3 classes in the morning per day for two weeks (10 teaching days), each class is for 45 minutes;

1. Bachelor or above degree
2. Native English Speakers
3. Age under 60 years old
4. You must have either 2 years teaching experience or 120 hours of TEFL or English/Education Major

Hourly salary: RMB 350 per class, 3 classes a day, which is RMB 1,050 per day.

Other Information:
You will be teaching at the main campus in downtown. The main campus is next to the Zijin Mountain in the downtown area, which is very convenient as it is close to the subway station.

About The City – Nanjing

Nanjing is a city full of vigor and opportunities. It is a window for you to get a glimpse of real China. Touring, studying and living here, you may find it changing and growing every day, you may find it a city with Chinese tradition as the background and full of many modern qualities, and you may feel the hospitality of the people here.

Nanjing is situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, about 300km to Shanghai, the largest city of China. Its annual average temperature is 16℃. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province with the total area of 6,587.02 square kilometers, and its resident population is 9.535 million.

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