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Nanchang Institute of TechnologyIntroduction to Nanchang Institute of Technology

Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT, website) is a regular institution of higher learning co-constructed by the central and local governments and subject to the administration by local government.

Nanchang Institute of Technology now has 17,691 full-time students, including 149 postgraduate students, 14,446 undergraduate students and 3,096 junior college students. NIT follows the motto of “self-improvement and thought cast”, adheres to the school-running concept of “focusing on water science, creating application-oriented type”, advocates the style of “pioneer, diligence, factualism and civilization”, having cultivates over 100 thousand high-quality application-oriented talents for local and water conservancy industry. Read More.


Lecturer Recruitment
1. Position: Civil engineering teacher
2. Workload: about 14 classes per week
3. Health Condition: Applicants should be in good health condition.
4. Personality: Interested in Chinese culture and language; A passion for teaching, dedication to students; Friendly manner; Open-minded and good communication skills; Easy-going;
5. No criminal records on file.

1. Master’s degree or above
2. Civil engineering education background , 2+ years of teaching or working experience in civil engineering
3. Under 60 years old

1. Monthly Salary: 15000 RMB/month
2. Flight Allowance: RMB 10000 yuan /year, pay in cash or reimbursement from tickets bought by foreign teachers themselves
3. Free accommodation provided
4. Winter vocation with full pay, full pay in July if renewing the contract
5. Other benefits: Travelling allowance , Renew contract allowance, Summer vacation allowance, Medical allowance

Foreign Teacher Handbook

NIT Foreign Teacher’s Handbook

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Foreign Faculty

Foreign Experts Teachers at Community Activity


About The City – Nanchang
Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi, a province in China famous for its beautiful sceneries and outdoor greenery. Nanchang is situated near the mountains and by the waters, with Meiling West Mountains in the west, Ganjiang River passing through the city, and two rivers and eight lakes interspersed. With city greening coverage rate reaching 43% and water area reaching 29.78%, Nanchang is a provincial capital city with the largest water area proportion among all the provincial capital cities, and it is awarded National Civilized City, National Hygiene City, National Garden City and National Forest City successively, reputed as “Pearl of Poyang Lake, Water Capital of China”.

Nanchang, reputed as one of global ten major vigorous cities, develops with rapid change and full vigor. Traffic network in Nanchang leads to all directions, with railway, highway, waterway and airway blending as a whole. The rail freight line from Nanchang to Rotterdam in the Netherlands has been opened, and it only takes a dozen of days for cargo to reach Rotterdam. The opening of the first “point to point” China-Europe two-way train in Jiangxi realizes two-way connection between Nanchang and Belarus; direct route from Nanchang to Los Angeles was realized for the first time, having initiated a new era of intercontinental airline. Besides, the opening and operation of Subway Line 1 make Nanchang officially step into “subway era”. The opening of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway makes Nanchang rapidly step into “high-speed rail era”, linking with surrounding cities to become one-hour high-speed rail economic circle.

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