English and Portuguese Teachers

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Requirement on Foreign Teachers

1. Has bachelor’s degree of English language or literature, translation, linguistic, language teaching or other relative majors, certificate of foreign language teaching and two years of relative working experience.

2. Aged less than 60 and with a good health condition. Should have no criminal record. Knowledge about Chinese culture is preferred.

3. Undertake 16 class hours per week and should not take any part-time job out of Anhui Normal University.

4. Should respect China’s policies on religion, moral standards and customs, and shall not conduct any activity incompatible with the status of a foreign expert.

Wages, Benefits and Treatment

1. Monthly salary will be RMB 10800 (before tax). Anhui Normal University will pay for the bonus RMB 10800(before tax) when teacher completes the two semester contract.

2. University should provide an apartment (a room) and free water, electricity and Internet. Teacher should pay the telephone bill and living expenses.

3. University will provide teacher with transportation allowance when he or she relocates to Wuhu and leaves China for his/her home country.

4. University will provide teacher with medical insurance from the day the Contract takes effect.

5. Teacher enjoys the winter and summer vacations as well as legal holidays in China according to the regulations of Anhui Normal University.

To apply for this job please visit www.isacteach.com.

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