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When you arrive in a foreign country, it is fun to explore the new culture and the new food! ISAC has a vibrant community of foreign teachers in Hangzhou, and we invite more teachers to join our Hangzhou food tour. We shall meet at the ISAC office and do a short workshop. After that we will visit the Hangzhou City Planning Exhibition Hall and Hangzhou City Library; you don’t find these two places in most travel books, but they are very worth visiting especially for new comers to Hangzhou. We will then go to the restaurants and vendors which Trevor James visited in Hangzhou.

The video below shows us Trevor James’s route in Hangzhou.

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Tour Schedule


9:30– Workshop

Please arrive at ISAC Office at 9:30 am (D2 Exit of Qianjiang Road Station) Follow the direction. Before the tour starts, we conduct an workshop for about 30 mins to meet each other, tell us about who you are, where are you from etc:

How long have you been in China?
What attracts you to come to teach in China?
How do you like Hangzhou and the life here?
What is your favorite Chinese food and attraction?


10:00– Hangzhou City Planning Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is a four-floor building annexed to the City Hall. Besides the lobby, there are three exhibition halls with the topic as “Hangzhou Impression”, “Hangzhou Interpretation” and “Hangzhou Outlook” respectively. It sets up thematic exhibition areas including City Memory, Historic City Protection, Landscape City , Grand Blueprint, Harmonious Habitat, Excellent Service, Convenient Traffic, Basics, Bright Spot, Stereopsis of the City, and Urban Network etc. to introduce the centuries-old history, to publicize the great achievements of urban planning and construction at present and to manifest the splendid future of a city with quality life.



11:30– Grandma’s Home Hangzhou Cuisine 外婆家

Vinegar Xihu Lake Fish 西湖醋鱼
Beggars Chicken 叫化鸡
Red Braised Pork Belly 红烧肉


13:30– pàngzi shāobǐng 胖子烧饼

Flatbread 烧饼


16:30– huì fěi xiǎochī 慧斐小吃(育才巷店)

Potsticker Dumpling 锅贴
Banmian Noodle 拌面


18:30– Tonglu pot head 桐庐鱼头(胜利美食街)

Firewood Fish 柴火鱼


Last tour: Oct. 2nd, 2018
Next tour: TBD



This is a non-profit tour, food and transportation will be shared by all participants.
Average cost per adult is estimated to be about 120 RMB.



Tel: 0571-86633587
WeChat: 1097543569 (Carol Zhu)
WeChat: 18268103430 (Jett Long)


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