ISACTalk – Chris from Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School

2019. July 22th Chris, currently teaching at Xiasha Middle School, visited ISAC and shared his experience living and teaching in China. (Video to be uploaded..)   Chris is from USA, he is now teaching at Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School under ISAC Hangzhou Program for the 2019-20 school year. As the […]

Chris – Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School

Chris is from USA, he is now teaching at Hangzhou Xiasha Middle School under ISAC Hangzhou Program for the 2019-20 school year. As the only foreign teacher working there, he feels it is a ‘fun and interesting’ experience. Although there are not many foreigners around to hang out with, he […]

Mary from HNU Featured in Hangzhou Daily

2019. July. 15th On Jul 9th, 2019. ISAC teacher Mary was featured in a local newspaper (Hangzhou Daily, News Link) mainly for her dedication, excellenct performance and positive reviews by her students at Hangzhou Normal University.   The full article in Chinese is as follows: 眼前就要和杭州暂时分别的玛丽·迪尔沃思(Mary)一头褐色微卷的披肩长发,白皙脸庞五官精致生动,一颦一笑间神采飞扬的大眼睛让人印象深刻。 这位来自美国密歇根州(Michigan, US)的漂亮姑娘,上学期来到杭州师范大学外语学院教授英语。学戏剧表演出身的她言语幽默风趣,周身充满感染力。 临别时,杭州地铁5号线首通段刚刚开通,这个城市给她的记忆,其实也才刚刚开启。记者 刘益梅 […]

Should China enforce tighter rules on foreign teachers?

Editor’s note: China has raised its thresholds for foreigner teachers, given that some foreigners claiming to be English teachers are unqualified for the position. It has been rumored that in a few years all foreign teachers in Beijing must have at least five years’ teaching experience and teacher qualifications or […]

Is it necessary to raise the bar for foreign English teachers?

(Discussion on Linkedin) Editor’s note: Tighter requirements have been placed to ensure the quality of foreign English teachers employed in schools and educational establishments. Do you think it is necessary to raise the bar for foreign teachers? Are native English-speaking teachers always the right choice? Forum readers share their opinion. […]

Ulster College Open Day Held at SUST

2019. June . 26th The first open day of Ulster College of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology was held on June 26, 2019 at SUST.   Prof. Ian Montgomery, Vice President of Ulster University, Professor Liam Maguire, Minister of Computer and Engineering, XUE Chaohua, Head of Office of International […]

ISACTalk – Carl, Jack and Samantha from JUFE

2019. July 22th Jack, Carl and Samantha are teaching at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics under the ISAC University Teaching Program for the 2018-19 school year.   Jack is currently Business English teacher at the School of International Education at JUFE. Carl and Samantha are under the English Language […]