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Textbook Material

The English learning is to enable students to gradually master English knowledge and skills and improve their ability to use the language in practice through English learning and practical activities. As for Chinese students, English is a new foreign language to acquire. So the textbook is from easy to difficult to make students easier to understand and learn. It aims to motivate students’ interests in English learning.

Primary school

For young students, pictures are very necessary to attract them to follow you. The textbook is mainly about pictures with English words so that the students can understand the meaning more easily. The textbook includes very short and simply dialogues to make students have a sense of English sentences. Besides, there are a few questions in it to let the students try to answer. It is designed for junior grade, even most of them never learn English, but the listening part is also included.

These pictures are selected from textbook of senior grade in primary school. Compared to junior grade, it is more difficult, less pictures and more sentences are included. The dialogue becomes longer and it always needs students to read it expertly. It adds a part of “further reading”, which is various and more difficult.

Junior high school

These pictures are selected from textbook of senior grade in junior high school. It includes listening part, reading part, writing part, and language practice part. The textbook always uses passages to convey the vocabulary, grammar and culture. In junior high school textbook, passages are longer and more grammar are included. Students need to ackonowledge them familiarly. More questions are included. These questions are similiar to testing paper. It adds the “language in use” part, which contains culture about English spoken countries. 

Senior high school

These pictures are from textbooks of senior grade in senior high school. Textbook in senior high school contains more grammar, which is showed in passages and questions. Passages always have difficult vocabulary and sentences. It also included an idea that thinking in English. Almost basic grammar are included in textbook.


University and College

University English class is more about improving speaking and writing skills. For English speaking classes, foreign teachers will be provided with textbooks but don’t have to follow everything on the book. You can bring various activities to make students speak English while having fun in the classroom. For English Literature class, it will be more academic and more reading and writing included.