Small City vs Big City

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Small city is not a city underdeveloped, with no advanced infrastructures, but a city relative smaller compared to the tier 1 city including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Some people are swarming into big cities for a high salary. But some prefer a relative small city for peace and joy, and salary not much lower than in tier 1 cities.

Small City

  • Hold Celebrity Status: There may very well be requests for radio interviews and features in the local daily newspaper.
  • Everyone is More Friendly: The locals are more passionate and welcoming.
  • Almost Everything is Cheap: Not only are the prices lower but the salaries are not proportionately lower to the cost of living.
  • You Can Learn Chinese Faster: You are able to hold conversations about everyday life matters with local people to improve your language skills.
  • More Freedom: You will have more spare time to enjoy your flexible time.
  • Less Stressed about Life: You will feel more relaxed because life pattern is slower there.
  • Better Environment: You would enjoy the fresh air on your way work and home.
  • Start Your Own Business: You have more chance to start your own business and your business can develop very fast by people to people.
  • Close to Nature: You would enjoy the good scenery there.
  • Fewer Foreigner: You need to be more independent because there is fewer foreigners.
  • Need to communicate with locals and most of them don’t speak English at all
  • Less Convenient Transportation: It very much depends on which city it is. Transportation would be a joy if a city has high-speed railway which can get you to major hub cities in hours.


Big City

  • Completed Infrastructural Facility: The big city has more developed infrastracture facility, such as hospitals.
  • More Employment Opportunity: A large number of enterprises are gathered, which provides more opportunities for jobs.
  • Higher Salary: In more developed cities, the basic salary will be higher than that of some small and medium-sized cities.
  • Widen Eyesight: In big cities, things are updated quickly so that you can touch new things every day.
  • More Civilized Citizen: In big cities, you can often see a lot of talents. You can easily make friends with these people.
  • Higher Consumer Spending: More developed cities, higher consumer spending.
  • Worse Environment: The economy develops quickly; the environment is the price.
  • Bad Traffic: In big cities, population is large. Traffic can be very bad in rush hours.
  • More Stress: In big cities, your employer expect more from you, and you will have more pressure on you. Life pattern is fast and keep-moving. Your focus, at least for your work hours, should be on your work.


Choosing between living in a bigger city or smaller area depends on what your life goals are. If you want experience cutting technology, big city life, go to Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen; but if you want a more enjoyable, easier life and in the same time experience more cultural things, go for a smaller city.

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