Packing List for Teaching in China


What To Pack For China?

Teach in China could be one of the most life-changing decision you have made. However, that does not mean you need to pack a lot with you to China. With ISAC program, you will be picked up by your host school staff. Our suggestion? Take those essential and leave your pillow, duvet home.

You will find almost everything in China, with reasonable price. (We have Walmart too! Many things in Walmart in the states are made in China). Besides, shopping online in China is popular and convenient that your colleagues and friends you will make in China can get you many things you need. Here we would list only the things you really need to bring and help you travel to China.

  • Original passport
  • Chinese work visa attached to your passport
  • Notification Letter Of Foreigner’s Work Permit
  • 4 passport sized photos
  • About $300-500 dollars to get you covered for the first month at school
  • At least one credit card (VISA and Mastercard are commonly accepted)
  • Smartphone (very useful to get information on the go)
  • Coat and sweater is a good idea even if you live in the south (it can get cold in the winter)
  • A good VPN, connect with friends on Facebook and Youtube
  • If your foot size is larger than US11.5, get extra pair of shoes because you can hardly find your size
  • Many say deodorant, but you can easily buy one in China (online shopping)?
  • For drug prescriptions, please consult ISAC and your host school because some might not be allowed in China

Past experience tells us that things like pillow, hairdryer or too much clothes are not necessary. You can easily get them with a reasonable price in China. However, take the ones the is essential to you, and don’t forget your passport, work visa and your paperwork, thoes are the most important things of all.


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