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Tianjin Nankai High School

Tianjin Nankai High School


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Introduction to Tianjin Nankai High School

Tianjin Nankai High School (天津市南开中学, website) is a key middle school directly under Tianjin. Founded by famous patriotic educators Yan Fansun and Zhang Boling on October 17, 1904, it is the birthplace of Nankai series of schools (one university and three middle schools). One of the nine members of the Nankai Alumni Association.

The school was listed as a national key high school by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 1978. As of September 2012, the school has a total of 2,576 students. Among them, there are 40 classes in high school with 1869 people; 17 classes in junior middle school with 637 people; 6 classes in International Department with 70 foreign students.


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