Shenzhen High School of Science

Shenzhen High School of Science


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Introduction to Shenzhen High School of Science

Shenzhen High School of Science (深圳科学高中, website) — To establish the first senior high school of science in China

Established in 2012, Shenzhen High School of Science is a municipal state-owned public senior high school, which is also the first school of science on Chinese mainland. Our school is a large-sized boarding school that covers an area of over 120,000 square meters, around 80,000 square meters of floor space with an estimated scale of 60 classes and 3,000 students. Currently we are fully equipped with a full range of facilities including three teaching buildings, three laboratory buildings, two literature and art buildings, a library, an audio-visual center, an administration building, seven dormitory buildings for students, a dormitory building for staff, two catering service buildings, a gymnasium, a tennis court, a large basketball court as well as a sports field, which provide students with an excellent atmosphere and environment of studying, exercising, catering and doing scientific experiments.

In view of the history and trend of development of the worldwide secondary school education, we create a brand new model of running our school — school of science, in response to the nation’s call for “Diversified development of regular senior high schools” and “Innovate personnel training mode”, which obtained the approval of Shenzhen Education Bureau. With the support of qualified teachers, curriculums and managerial advantages of Shenzhen Middle School, Wang Zhanbao, principal of Shenzhen Middle school, served as the first headmaster and designed the philosophy, curriculum system and even the culture of the school. At present, our teaching staff consist of outstanding cadres and teachers from Shenzhen Middle School, postdoctoral researchers, PhDs, postgraduates from all over the country as well as academic leaders, excellent young and middle-aged teachers and key teachers who have made outstanding academic achievements in senior high school education over the years.

On May 4th, 2014, Shang Qiang, director of Shenzhen Institute of Education and Science, was transferred to Shenzhen High School of Science, becoming the second principal of the school. As an expert who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, teacher of special grade and gold-medal instructor of the National Mathematics Olympic Team, Principal Shang Qiang put forward a new management network of education “three-all”, which literally means all the staff work together all the time to educate the students to be all-round in all aspects, emphasizing that education should be based on individuals and students should be managed and inspired appropriately according to their own situations. In this way, Principal Shang clearly put forward his philosophy of education much further, which soon became the focus of the public and expanded the our school’s influence in the field of education.


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